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Introduction to Insect Pest Management, 3rd Edition

Introduction to Insect Pest Management, 3rd Edition

Robert L. Metcalf (Editor), William H. Luckmann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-58957-0

Jul 1994

672 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Contributed papers by experts in the field detail how to put integrated pest management to work. Presents the philosophy and practice, ecological and economic background as well as strategies and techniques including not only the use of chemical pesticides but also biological, genetic and cultural methods to manage the harm done by insect pests. Covers such key crops as cotton, corn, apples and forage. This edition reports important advances of the last decade including an increased environmental and ecological awareness and a trend toward lower chemical pesticide use.
Partial table of contents:

The Pest-Management Concept (W. Luckmann & R. Metcalf).

Ecological Aspects of Pest Management (P. Price & G. Waldbauer).

Plant Resistance in Pest Management (M. Kogan).

Parasitoids and Predators in Management of Arthropod Pests (M. Hoy).

Insect Pathogens as Biological Control Agents (J. Maddox).

Insecticides in Pest Management (R. Metcalf).

Systems Analysis and Modeling in Pest Management (W. Ruesink & D. Onstad).

Cotton Insect Pest Management (R. Frisbie, et al.).

Apple Insect Pest Management (R. Prokopy & B. Croft).

Pest Management and the Future (W. Luckmann & M. Irwin).