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Introduction to Multimedia Communications: Applications, Middleware, Networking

Introduction to Multimedia Communications: Applications, Middleware, Networking

Kamisetty Rao, Zoran Bojkovic, Dragorad Milovanovic

ISBN: 978-0-471-65640-1 January 2006 776 Pages




A comprehensive resource on multimedia communications. Covers recent trends and standardization activities in multimedia communications, such as layered structures, underlying theories and the current best design techniques. Describes the convergence of various technologies including communications, broadcasting, information technology, and home electronics, and emerging new communication services and applications resulting from the growth of the Internet and wireless technologies. Please go to for additional information.



1. Introduction.

2. Multimedia Communications.

3. Frameworks For Multimedia Standardization.

4. Application Layer.

5. Middleware Layer.

6. Network Layer.


" interesting, well-written book that is well worth reading for anyone in multimedia communications." (Computing, December 12, 2006)

"As a compendium of the latest research in the field, this book will prove indispensable to both the student and the practicing scientist." (The Electric Review, March/April 2006)