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Introduction to Nanotechnology

Charles P. Poole Jr., Frank J. Owens

ISBN: 978-0-471-07935-4 May 2003 400 Pages


This self-confessed introduction provides technical administrators and managers with a broad, practical overview of the subject and gives researchers working in different areas an appreciation of developments in nanotechnology outside their own fields of expertise.

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This item: Introduction to Nanotechnology

The Physics and Chemistry of Nanosolids (Hardcover $122.00)

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This item: Introduction to Nanotechnology

Biophysics: An Introduction (Paperback $100.95)

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1. Introduction.

2. Introduction to Physics of the Solid State.

3. Methods of Measuring Properties.

4. Properties of Individual Nanoparticles.

5. Carbon Nanostructures.

6. Bulk Nanostructured Materials.

7. Nanostructured Ferromagnetism.

8. Optical and Vibrational Spectroscopy.

9. Quantum Wells, Wires, and Dots.

10. Self-Assembly and Catalysis.

11. Organic Compounds and Polymers.

12. Biological Materials.

13. Nanomachines and Nanodevices.

Appendix A: Formulas for Dimensionality.

Appendix B: Tabulations of Semiconducting Material Properties.

"...recommended for research scientists." (IEEE Circuits and Devices, July/August 2005)

"...a very nice reference a solid overview of the topics and techniques..." (MRS Bulletin, May 2005)

"...a unique text for exploration of nanotechnology basics..." (IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Medicine, March/April 2005)

"The two authors working together have maintained a consistent perspective and level throughout the book." (Physics Today, September 2004)

"...well written and nicely illustrated...offers a large amount of useful information to those who want to be introduced to the nanotechnologies..." (Clinical Chemistry, Vol. 50, No. 2, May 2004)

"The book has achieved its goal of providing a summary and commentary on this subject." (JOM, February 26, 2004)

"...the authors have achieved their aims and have hit the right tone and level of treatment...should also be suitable for advanced students...who are interested in the field..." (Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2004/43)

"...a fascinating overview of nanotechnology and its applications. It offers a complete picture of the diversity of the technology's applications." (International Journal of General Systems, December 2003)

"...nicely designed, highly readable, and stylistically coherent...a superb addition to an already first-class lineup of contemporary textbooks on nanotechnology..." (Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Issue 32:02)

" introduction and overview of this innovative and increasingly important area of research..." (Materials Evaluation, August 2003)

"...wonderful introductory invaluable interdisciplinary look at the science of miniaturization and mesoscopic important resource for technical administrators and managers, as well as students and individuals..." (Polymer News)

" excellent introduction to nanotechnology, especially for researchers who do not currently work in the field...provides a fantastic overview of nanotechnology and would appeal to anyone wanting to learn more about this exciting area...a great book..." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine)