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Introduction to Physics, 9th Edition International Student Version

Introduction to Physics, 9th Edition International Student Version

John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-118-09243-9

Apr 2012

1072 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Cutnell and Johnson's 9th edition of Physics continues to offer material to help the development of conceptual understanding, and show the relevance of physics to readers lives and future careers.

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1 Introduction and Mathematical Concepts 1

2 Kinematics in One Dimension 27

3 Kinematics in Two Dimensions 57

4 Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion 85

5 Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion 130

6 Work and Energy 155

7 Impulse and Momentum 189

8 Rotational Kinematics 216

9 Rotational Dynamics 240

10 Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity 276

11 Fluids 310

12 Temperature and Heat 348

13 The Transfer of Heat 384

14 The Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic Theory 406

15 Thermodynamics 431

16 Waves and Sound 467

17 The Principle of Linear Superposition and Interference Phenomena 503

18 Electric Forces and Electric Fields 529

19 Electric Potential Energy and the Electric Potential 565

20 Electric Circuits 595

21 Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields 637

22 Electromagnetic Induction 674

23 Alternating Current Circuits 713

24 Electromagnetic Waves 739

25 The Reflection of Light: Mirrors 768

26 The Refraction of Light: Lenses and Optical Instruments 790

27 Interference and the Wave Nature of Light 836

28 Special Relativity 869

29 Particles and Waves 895

30 The Nature of the Atom 918

31 Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity 952

32 Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Energy, and Elementary Particles 982

• Video Help (denoted by a "play/pause" button)- 3-5 minute office hour style videos available in WileyPLUS tailored to the more challenging problems that bring together two or more physics concepts. These videos do not solve the problem but point the student in the right direction by using a proven problem solving technique: 1. visualize the problem, 2. organize the data, and 3. develop a reasoning strategy. Instructors can choose to make these available for student access with or without penalty.
• Significantly expanded multi-media assets in WileyPLUS including videos as well as a number of new animations that complement key figures in the new edition. These new features provide a more engaging and informative format to help students get a better grasp of key concepts.
• Math Skills addresses the issue of varying degrees of student mathematical preparedness. This new feature appears as sidebars throughout the text designed to provide additional help with mathematics for students who need it, yet be unobtrusive for students who don't.
• Additional MCAT preparation in the form of a complete self-study module in WileyPLUS containing hundreds of MCAT-style questions.
• Streamlined design that's more engaging and inviting to read.
• Tools that help students develop a conceptual understanding of physics: Conceptual Examples, Concepts & Calculations, Focus on Concepts homework material, Check Your Understanding questions, Concept Simulations (an online feature), Concepts at a Glance (available on the instructor companion site).
• Features that help students improve their ability to reason in an organized and mathematically correct manner: Explicit reasoning steps in all examples, Reasoning Strategies for solving certain classes of problems, Analyzing Multiple-Concept Problems, homework problems with associated Guided Online (GO) Tutorials, Interactive LearningWare (an online feature), Interactive Solutions (an online features)
• Examples that show students the relevance of physics to their lives: a wide range of applications from everyday physics to modern technology to biomedical applications. There is extensive support for premed and biomedical students including biomedical applications in the text and end of chapter problems marked with a caduceus, practice MCAT exams, and a supplemental book of biomedical applications.
• High quality problem sets with immediate feedback and varying levels of assistance in the form of hints, suggestions, links to the text, guided online tutorials, video tutorials, animations and other multi-media help that are controlled by instructors.