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Introduction to SIMAN V and CINEMA V



Introduction to SIMAN V and CINEMA V

Jerry Banks, Barry B. Burnette, Henry Kozloski, James D. Rose

ISBN: 978-0-471-30960-4 November 1994 480 Pages


SIMAN is a simulation language used throughout the world, much like GPSS and SLAM. In industrial engineering, SIMAN and SLAM are the dominant simulation languages.
The Simulation Process.

Introduction and Overview.

Basic Blocks and Elements.

Intermediate Concepts.

Using the Interactive Run Controller.

Output Analysis.

More Intermediate Resource Concepts.

Station Submodels.



Guided Transporters.

Advanced Concepts.

Additional Concepts.

Animation Using Cinema in the ARENA Environment.


  • Comprehensive, student-orientedintro to SIMAN V.
  • Teaches the language - not the theory of simulation and is written as a teaching tool, not a manual.
  • Student version of SIMAN included (3, 3.5" disks) with each text.