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Introduction to Solid-State Lighting

Artūras Žukauskas, Michael S. Shur, Remis Gaska

ISBN: 978-0-471-21574-5 April 2002 224 Pages


A thorough reference that sheds light on the promising field of solid-state lighting
Solid-state lighting is a rapidly emerging field. Light Emitting Diodes are already used in traffic signals, signage/contour lighting, large area displays, and automotive applications. But its greatest future lies in the possibility of applying solid-state lamps to general lighting. Solid-state lighting promises to reduce energy consumption as much as fifty percent, cut down on carbon-dioxide emission, and even spur the development of a completely new lighting industry.
Giving this important emerging field the attention it deserves, Introduction to Solid-State Lighting comprehensively covers:
* The history of lighting
* The characterization of visible light
* Conventional light sources
* LED basics
* Extraction of light from high-brightness LEDs
* White LED
* Applications of solid-state lamps

1. Historical Introduction.

2. Vision, Photometry and Colorimetry.

3. Bulbs and Tubes.

4. Basics of All-Solid-State Lemps.

5. Light Extraction From Leds.

6. White Led.

7. Applications of Solid-State Lighting.

"A good introductory book on LEDs..." (CIE News, No. 65, March 2003)
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