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Introduction to Stereochemistry and Conformational Analysis



Introduction to Stereochemistry and Conformational Analysis

Eusebio Juaristi

ISBN: 978-0-471-54411-1 October 1991 352 Pages


Stereochemistry remains an actively changing area of knowledge. Topics include chirality, the determination of absolute configurations, stereochemical descriptors, chiroptic properties, asymmetric synthesis, the resolution of racemates, confirmational analysis of both alkanes and heterocycles and much more. In addition to figures, equations and tables, it is profusely illustrated with examples both historical and current.

Absolute Configuration.

Stereochemical and Conformational Descriptors.

Chiroptic Properties in Chiral Molecules.

Stereochemistry of Organic Reactions.


Asymmetric Organic Synthesis: Principles.

Enantiomeric Purity.

Resolution of Racemates.

Asymmetric Synthesis via a Chiral Catalyst.

Asymmetric Syntheses with Chiral Substrates.

Asymmetric Reactions Between Achiral Substrates and ChiralReagents.

Miscellaneous Methods for the Control of Stereochemistry.

The Conformational Analysis of Acyclic and Cycloalkanes.

Applications of Dynamic NMR Spectroscopy in ConformationalAnalysis.

Conformational Analysis of Heterocycles.

The Anomeric Effect.

The Attractive and Repulsive Gauche Effects.

Author Index.

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