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Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, 2nd Edition

Norman F. Cheville

ISBN: 978-0-813-82488-8

Mar 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

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The Introduction to Veterinary Pathology CD-ROM offers an interactive format for study of textbook material. Features include: hypertext links that provide cross-references to related material; animated segments on neoplasia, thrombosis and other complex events; learning assessment quizzes; and 100 full-color photographs of gross and microscopic pathology.
Preface; Part 1. Introduction to Pathology: Lethal Injury and Cell Death; Cell and Tissue Responses to Sublethal Injury; Etiology; Part 2. Inflammation and Healing: Acute Inflammation; Healing and Chronic Inflammation; Immunopathology; Part 3. Circulatory Disorders: Fluid Balance and Blood Volume Disorders; Hemostasis; Part 4. Disorders of Growth: Disturbances of Cell Growth and Replication; Genetic Disease; Part 5. Neoplasia: Characterising the Neoplasm; Host Responses to Neoplasms; Index.
* hypertext links to related material

* full-color photographs

* self-study quizzes