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Introduction to WLLs: Application and Deployment for Fixed and Broadband Services



Introduction to WLLs: Application and Deployment for Fixed and Broadband Services

Raj Pandya

ISBN: 978-0-471-68315-5 September 2004 Wiley-IEEE Press 248 Pages


Wireless Local Loop (WLL) is now widely recognized as an economically viable technology for provision of telecommunication services to subscribers in sparsely populated as well as highly congested areas. However, the preparation of the business case, choice of a suitable technology, deployment planning, and radio and network system design for a WLL system depend on a range of technical and strategic planning variables.

The scope of the book includes a systems-level coverage of the following topics:

  • Introduction to WLL systems
  • Fundamentals of Radio Systems
  • Key cellular and cordless technologies
  • WLL systems design - system components and interfaces
  • WLL systems design - radio aspects
  • Planning and deployment of WLL systems
  • Examples of commercially available WLL systems
  • Broadband applications and services

1. Introduction to Wireless Access and WLL System Deployment.

2. Fundamentals of Radio Systems.

3. A Refresher on Cellular Mobile and Cordless Telecommunication Systems.

4. WLL System Components and Interfaces.

5. Radio Access Characteristics and Radio Planning.

6. Deployment Planning Aspects of WLL Systems.

7. Examples of Commercial WLL Systems.

8. Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Systems.


Glossary of Terms.



"…a welcome companion for students and instructors of courses on telecommunications." (Computing, February 23, 2006)

"It attempts to cover a substantial part of available technologies…" (IEEE Network, May/June 2004)

"A notable characteristic of the book is the inevitable mix of topics seemingly separate from WLLs, but closely related.” (IEEE Network Magazine, June 2004)