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Introduction to Waste Management: A Textbook

Introduction to Waste Management: A Textbook

Syed E. Hasan

ISBN: 978-1-119-43397-2

May 2020, Wiley-Blackwell

452 pages

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Waste management has long been a focus of serious discussion involving environmental professionals, policy makers, and administrators. The proposed book will include discussion of solid, hazardous/industrial, medical/biological, nuclear and electronic wastes, covering their sources, handling, and disposal, along with the important environmental laws that govern their management. There is at present no book in the market that offers a comprehensive coverage of the various types of waste: solid, hazardous, medical, nuclear, and electronic. The majority of available books cover solid waste; some cover both solid and hazardous wastes, but none covers all five types of wastes. This book will do so. There has recently been renewed interest in nuclear energy because, unlike fossil fuels, it does not generate any GHGs when used to produce electricity. The long-standing problem of disposal of spent nuclear fuels (high level nuclear waste) has not yet been resolved and many of the old nuclear reactors are being shut down and their decommissioning will generate a new category of ‘reactor waste’ that calls for knowledgeable and skilled personnel to manage it. This book would also serve as a good resource on nuclear energy and management of nuclear waste.

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