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Introduction to the Petrology of Soils and Chemical Weathering

Introduction to the Petrology of Soils and Chemical Weathering

Daniel B. Nahon

ISBN: 978-0-471-50861-8

Feb 1991

336 pages

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Written by a prominent French petrologist, it describes a new analytical approach to petrology, the study of the origins, morphology and classification of soils. Examines the chemical weathering that occurs through the interaction of rain and underground water with consolidated rocks, dealing with the subject from the microscopic scale right up to the landscape scale. Also includes an overview of major weathering processes and discusses supergene (i.e., near the surface) alteration of rocks and minerals, structural transformations, transfers and accumulations of soils, evolution of pedological mantles. Arrives at a number of important conclusions regarding soils as a reflection of the past and present. Included are over 125 spectacular drawings and 25 pages of references.
Supergene Alteration of Minerals and Rocks: Preservation of Original Structures.

Structural Transformations of Pedoturbation.

Transfers and Accumulations.

Differentiation and Evolution of Pedologic Mantles of Tropical and Subtropical Zones.