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Introductory Russian Grammar, 2nd Edition

Introductory Russian Grammar, 2nd Edition

Galina Stilman, Leon Stilman, William E. Harkins

ISBN: 978-0-471-00738-8

Jun 1972

560 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This Russian text attempts to combine the advantages of the traditional grammatical approach to the study of foreign language with certain features of modern conversational, inductive method. A great variety of drill materials has also been supplied, to the extent that no separate workbook or reader is believed necessary. Thus the book can be used as a first-year textbook which is complete in itself.

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Unit 1: Phonetics

Unit 2: Phonetics

Unit 3: Phonetics

Unit 4: Gender in Russian

Unit 5: Declension

Unit 6: Adjectives

Unit 7: Genitive case of nouns

Unit 8: Accusative singular

Unit 9: Dative of nouns

Unit 10: Future tense

Unit 11: Second conjugation verbs

Unit 12: Declension of nouns in singular

Unit 13: Nominative plural of nouns

Unit 14: Verbal aspects

Unit 15: Aspects

Unit 16: Genitive plural of nouns

Unit 17: Determinate and indeterminate imperfectives

Unit 18: Imperative mood

Unit 19: Verbs

Unit 20: The verbal prefixes

Unit 21: Survey of Conjugation patterns

Unit 22: The interrogative particle

Unit 23: Short forms of adjectives

Unit 24: The hypothetical mood

Unit 25: Comparative adjectives and adverbs

Unit 26: Declension of numerals

Unit 27: Participles