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Introductory Statistics, 5e & Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach Set



Introductory Statistics, 5e & Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach Set

Thomas H. Wonnacott, Ronald J. Wonnacott, Andrew Lang Golub

ISBN: 978-0-471-33149-0 August 1998 992 Pages


Introductory Statistics, 5th Edition

An updated and revised edition of the popular introduction to statistics for students of economics or business, suitable for a one- or two-semester course. Presents an approach that is generally available only in much more advanced texts, yet uses the simplest mathematics consistent with a sound presentation. This Fifth Edition includes a wealth of new problems and examples (many of them real-life problems drawn from the literature) to support the theoretical discussion. Emphasizes the regression model, including nonlinear and multiple regression. Topics covered include randomization to eliminate bias, exploratory data analysis, graphs, expected value in bidding, the bootstrap, path analysis, robust estimation, maximum likelihood estimation and Bayesian estimation and decisions.

Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach

Decision analysis integrates insights and techniques from economics, probability, and cognitive psychology for the purpose of making good decisions. This book presents practical advice for decision making in all these contexts. It offers step-by-step procedures for defining the problem, identifying objectives, identifying alternatives, forecasting each alternative's potential, comparing forecasts, and choosing the most favorable alternative. A student-friendly guide, it incorporates DPL decision support software and practical, balanced coverage.