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Introductory Statistics, Binder Ready Version, 8th Edition

Introductory Statistics, Binder Ready Version, 8th Edition

Prem S. Mann

ISBN: 978-0-470-90410-7

Nov 2012

744 pages


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Introductory Statistics, 8th Edition Binder Ready Version is written for a one or two semester first course in applied statistics and is intended for students who do not have a strong background in mathematics. The only prerequisite is knowledge of elementary algebra. Introductory Statistics is known for its realistic examples and exercises, clarity and brevity of presentation, and soundness of pedagogical approach. This text is an unbound, binder-ready version.
  • A large number of the examples, case studies and exercises are new or revised, providing contemporary and varied ways for students to practice statistical concepts.
  • Factorials, combinations, and permutations have been moved from Chapter 5 to Section 4.3 of Chapter 4.
  • New chapter opening images and questions incorporate real data in familiar situations.
  • New data are integrated throughout, reinforcing the vibrancy of statistics and the relevance of statistics to student lives right now.
  • The Technology Instruction sections have been updated to support the use of the latest versions of the TI-84/84+, Minitab, and Excel.
  • Technology Assignments, Uses and Misuses sections and Decide for Yourself sections at the end of each chapter are either new or have been updated.
  • The data sets posted on the book companion Web site and WileyPLUS have also been updated.


  • Thorough Examples: The text contains a wealth of examples that cover a wide variety of relevant topics. A large number are based on real data taken from government and private data sources and reports, newspapers, magazines and professional journals. A clear, concise solution (in a step-by-step format) follows each problem presented in an example. Enlightening Pedagogy: Effective markers and aids for students include margin notes for examples, diagrams, highlighted key definitions, and cautions about potential trouble spots that commonly cause errors.
  • Case Studies appear in almost all chapters to provide additional illustrations of the applications of statistics in research and statistical analysis.