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Intuition in Psychotherapy and Counselling

Intuition in Psychotherapy and Counselling

Rachel Charles

ISBN: 978-1-861-56417-7 October 2004 270 Pages


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Since nonverbal messages have been shown to dominate interpersonal communication, and since their cues are gathered intuitively, it is clearly a distinct advantage for therapists and counsellors to be familiar with this phenomenon. Based on original research into intuition within clinical practice, Rachel Charles provides in-depth explanations of the process, appropriately illustrated with models and case histories. This includes intuition's allo-logical and global aspects, its relationship to empathy and its links with spiritual practice.

A theoretical framework is thus provided for its comprehension and teaching. While some people are naturally more intuitive than others, the author makes a number of practical recommendations whereby the faculty of intuition can be cultivated by therapists, increasing receptivity to unconscious messages and helping the client to achieve insight. Clinicians, training institutes, their tutors and students, and indeed anyone working with people, will find this book a valuable resource for the enhancement of professional practice.

The Neglect of Intuition.

Beyond Reason.

Whole and Complete.

The intuitive Type of Therapist.

The Focus Group.

Interpersonal Perception in The session.

Intuition and Empathy.

The Secondary Self.

The Spiritual Connection.

The Therapists' Diaries.

Can Intuition be Taught?

Ways Forward.