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Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach


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Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach

Mark Stoneham, Jonathan Westbrook

ISBN: 978-1-405-15986-9 December 2007 Wiley-Blackwell 160 Pages


First Prize in the Electronic Media category at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2008

Allay your anxieties about performing complex practical procedures under pressure and increase your confidence and competence with Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach. 

This multimedia package, with DVD and accompanying book, covers all the core invasive medical skills required by senior medical students and junior doctors, including injections, cannulation, airway management, catheterization and chest drain insertion.

All the clinical procedures are covered by videos and commentaries and are also supported at the click of your mouse with:

  • Animations explaining what is occurring under the skin, or how complications can occur
  • Notes which include indications, contraindications, theory and technology, tricks of the trade, complications and references
  • Anatomy portrayed with relevant diagrams and photos with an on/off labels feature
  • Equipment photographs of everything required to perform the procedure.

Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach gives an opportunity to develop in-depth understanding of the principles of invasive clinical techniques and knowledge of how to conduct them safely and comfortably for patients. An ideal product for medical students and junior doctors, it will assist those learning skills for the first time as well as those seeking a visual refresher on skills not frequently practised.

 “The content for each available entry is excellent. The videos are clear and instructive. The animations are a helpful addendum. The notes, and in particular the sections on complications of the procedure are outstanding and this information is often difficult to find elsewhere. I particularly like the fact that there is an included section on anatomy for each clinical skill, with clear photographs and labels. I have looked for this kind of information before and it was very difficult to find!” Medical student, Oxford University

 “It is often quite difficult to learn clinical skills as you have to see the procedure at least once before you are allowed to try yourself! For some of the rarer procedures it can be very difficult to even see one let alone practise yourself. I think this type of resource would be excellent to allow students and doctors observe the procedures in the 'ideal' situation before practising on the clinical skills dummies we have in the hospital.” Medical student, Oxford University

DVD Contents.

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1. Venous Cannulation.

2. Putting Up a Drip.

3. Venesection.

4. Femoral Stab.

5. Intravenous Injection.

6. Intramuscular Injection.

7. Intradermal Injection.

8. Subcutaneous Injection.

9. Venous Cutdown.


10. Arterial Blood Sampling.

11. Arterial Line Insertion.


12. Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation.

13. Low Approach to the Internal Jugular Vein.

14. Ultrasound-Guided Central Line.

15. Subclavian Vein Cannulation.

16. Long Line Insertion.

17. Femoral Vein Cannulation.


18. Basic Airway Management.

19. Endotracheal Intubation.

20. Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion.

21. Cricothyroidotomy.


22. Chest Drain Insertion.

23. Pleural Tap.

24. Needle Thoracentesis.

25. Spirometry.


26. Lumbar Puncture.

27. Nasogastric Tube Insertion.

28. Male Catheterisation.

29. Female Catheterisation.

30. Suprapubic Catheterisation.

31. Knee Aspiration.


32. Emergencies.

33. Local Anaesthesia.

34. Monitoring.

35. Oxygenation.

36. Sedation.

37. Sterile Technique.

38. Suturing Techniques.


"This is probably the most useful book I have come across – well-written, clearly explained and fantastically illustrated. And that isn’t including the DVD multimedia – which elevates it to a whole new plane. Every procedure detailed in the book has accompanying full motion video and additional extra such as relevant anatomy, notes giving further details, and animations. The topics covered in the book cover all those that a senior medical student/junior doctor should be able to perform at the drop of a hat, as well as more specialised procedures that are less common – thus being applicable for some time during further training. The nice thing is being able to review the procedure at every step, just like having an expert demonstrating the technique in front of you whenever you wish. Coupled with top tips, handy advice and a great sense of humour, this package will prove itself time and time again. If you are a medical student or junior doctor, then you need this book!" Medical Student, University of East Anglia

"The User Interface is easy to use and accessible: the combination of the video, theory and anatomy etc is really excellent. There are so many instances when we as medical students have to watch x number of procedures before actually attempting one ourselves, but this sort of resource could enormously accelerate our practical skills and allow us to get as many procedures done ourselves, in the limited time that we have. By virtue of the many procedures that are possible, as medical students, many of us will not actually get to observe every single procedure, let alone do it ourselves, but with this CD, we are given a much better insight into what happens: the luxury being that we can rewind or indeed watch it as many times as we please! Moreover, revising these skills as junior doctors will I am sure be useful: sometimes there may be many months between actually performing some procedures. Therefore this kind of revision video will I am sure be useful." Medical Student, GKT

"Invasive Medical Skills does exactly what it says on the tin. It teaches you invasive medical skills in a easy step by step manner. The book is wonderful, beautifully written, lovely use of colour and the photographs and diagrams are excellent. The CD is brilliant, very thorough and a great accompaniment to the book. It is a very useful teaching aid if you want to actually see the skills being performed. A truly excellent book. 10 out of 10." Medical Student, Manchester University

"This book is informative, incredibly useful and ideal for the new style DOPS and Mini-CEX assessments for junior doctors. The interactive CD which accompanies the book ensures that not only does the doctor understand how to perform the procedure but revises the relevant clinical anatomy as well." Junior Doctor, FY1, Leicester

● An exciting new DVD and text to teach invasive clinical skills
● Presents videos of all UK Foundation Programme level skill requirements, ideal for senior medical students and junior doctors
● Demonstrates proven invasive techniques backed with anatomical references, tips and notes and other features
● Supported by a book outlining the procedures step-by-step using screen shots from the videos