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Invented Moralities: Sexual Values in an Age of Uncertainty



Invented Moralities: Sexual Values in an Age of Uncertainty

Jeffrey Weeks

ISBN: 978-0-745-61369-7 September 1995 Polity 224 Pages


This is an important intervention in debates on the family and sexuality, exploring clashes over sexual values and contemporary sexual dilemmas such as AIDS.
Preface and Acknowledgements.

Introduction: Values, Whose Values?.

1. Living with Uncertainty.

2. Inventing Moralities.

3. Necessary Fictions: Sexual Identities and the Politics of Diversity.

4. The Sphere of the Intimate, and the Values of Everyday Life.

5. Caught Between Worlds and Ways of Being.



'His 'nouveau' morality combines the acceptance of erotic diversity with the valuation of responsibility, love, care and solidarity. It is a moving and inspiring read.' Tribune

'[An] important book.' The Guardian

'Jeffrey Weeks' Invented Moralities is a response to the heated debate about sexual morality which has emerged over the past 20 years as the destabilisation of the 'heterosexual tradition' has become increasingly apparent.' Living Marxism

'Lively and wide-ranging, Weeks' book combines humour with scholarship, personal experience with observation to make a serious contribution to debates about fundamental issues such as love, sex and the importance of relationships. Weeks' advocacy of humanistic pluralism, as he identifies it, is provocative, thoughtful and very persuasive.' Morning Star

'A well-argued message of hope and encouragement ... this book is an important contribution to the discourse of post-modernity as well as sexual (particularly gay and lesbian) identities and moralities. It ought to be widely read and discussed.' Sociology

* An important intervention in the public debate now going on about the family and sexual life.
* The author is probably the most distinguished British writer on the theme of sexuality.
* The book develops, but also criticises, themes discussed by Michel Foucault in his celebrated analysis of sexuality.