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Inventing Women: Science, Technology and Gender

Inventing Women: Science, Technology and Gender

Gill Kirkup (Editor), Laurie Smith Keller (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-745-60978-2

Apr 1992, Polity

352 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Inventing Women explores important and controversial debates about the gendering of science and technology and their relationship to women. This book discusses how such gendering occurs, the scientific basis for claims of sex difference, the medicalization of women's bodies and the political issues raised by reproductive technology.

The book also examines women as producers of science and technology, both as professional scientists and as unskilled workers. It concludes by looking at women as consumers of technology and science - domestic technology and computers - and at their relationship with Nature. Inventing Women raises the question of whether feminism can produce not only a critique of science and technology, but a new feminist science and technology, and the systems and artefacts that go with it.

This volume includes contributions which represent some of the best feminist scholarship in their fields. It can be used as a textbook and it will appeal to a wide audience in feminism and women's studies, sociology, education, science and technology, and medicine and health.

Introduction: Gill Kirkup and Laurie Smith Keller.

The nature of science and technology.

Our bodies, our minds, our selves.

Producing science and technology.

Consuming science and technology.


Souce list of articles.

Short biographies of the contributors.