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Inventor 2014 and Inventor LT 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press



Inventor 2014 and Inventor LT 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press

Thom Tremblay

ISBN: 978-1-118-75757-4 June 2013 416 Pages


Quickly learn essential inventor tools and techniques

This full-color Autodesk Official Press guide will help you quickly learn the powerful manufacturing software's core features and functions. Thom Tremblay, an Autodesk Certified Instructor, uses concise, straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on exercises to help you become productive with Inventor. Full-color screenshots illustrate tutorial steps, and chapters conclude with a related and more open-ended project to further reinforce the chapter's lessons.

Based on the very real-world task of designing tools and a toolbox to house them, the book demonstrates creating 2D drawings from 3D data, modeling parts, combining parts into assemblies, annotating drawings, using advanced assembly tools, working with sheet metal, presenting designs, and more. Full-color screenshots illustrate the steps, and additional files are available for download so you can compare your results with those of professionals. You'll also get information to help you prepare for the Inventor certification exams.

  • Introduces new users to the software with real-world projects, hands-on tutorials, and full-color illustrations
  • Begins each chapter with a quick discussion of concepts and learning goals and then moves into approachable, hands-on exercises
  • Covers the interface and foundational concepts, modeling parts, combining them into assemblies building with the frame generator, using weldments
  • Includes material to help you prepare for the Inventor certification exams

Autodesk Inventor 2014 Essentials provides the information you need to quickly become proficient with the powerful 3D mechanical design software.

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Introduction xxiii

Chapter 1 Connecting to the Interface 1

Chapter 2 Introducing Parametric Sketching 37

Chapter 3 Introducing Part Modeling 75

Chapter 4 Creating 2D Drawings f rom 3D Data 105

Chapter 5 Introducing Assembly Modeling 137

Chapter 6 Exploring Part Modeling 157

Chapter 7 Advanced Part Modeling 185

Chapter 8 Creating Advanced Drawings and Annotations 217

Chapter 9 Advanced Assembly and Engineering Tools 245

Chapter 10 Creating Sculpted and Multibody Parts 271

Chapter 11 Working with Sheet Metal Parts 291

Chapter 12 Building with the Frame Generator 321

Chapter 13 Working in a Weldment Environment 345

Appendix Autodesk Inventor Certification 361

Index 371

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Bonus Chapter 3
Bonus Chapter 4
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