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Investing in ETFs For Dummies, Portable Edition



Investing in ETFs For Dummies, Portable Edition

Russell Wild

ISBN: 978-1-119-12194-7 October 2015 288 Pages


Diversify! Add ETFs to your investment portfolio

Whether you are a seasoned investor or you're just getting into the investment game, one thing is certain: you need to diversify! Investing In ETFs For Dummies is a practical, easy-to-use resource that introduces you to the world of exchange-traded funds—and provides you with the knowledge you need to incorporate ETFs into your investment strategy. Discover commodity ETFs, style ETFs, country ETFs, and inverse ETFs, all of which play an important role in this new trading environment. Supplement your knowledge with an understanding of the risks and rewards associated with ETF investments, and consider how ETF investments can complement your current portfolio.

Though not as well-known as some other investment options, ETFs are wonderful tools for filling in the gaps in your investment portfolio. These investment options have the power to give you access to markets or investment areas that, otherwise, may be restricted, too expensive, or exceedingly risky—and can open investment doors you may have not yet considered.

  • Understand how to navigate the ETF marketplace with confidence
  • Make informed investment decisions based upon fundamental knowledge about the ETF market
  • Explore the latest ETF products, providers, and strategies to guide you in choosing the right ones for your needs
  • Increase the diversity of your investment portfolio, and bring a new facet of potential to your investment strategy

Investing In ETFs For Dummies is a great resource if you're looking to enhance your investment portfolio by participating in the ETF market!

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with ETFs 5

Chapter 1: The (Sort of Still) New Kid on the Block 7

Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Players 29

Part II: Getting to Know ETFs 51

Chapter 3: Large Growth and Large Value 53

Chapter 4: Small Growth and Small Value 73

Chapter 5: Going Global: ETFs Without Borders 85

Chapter 6: Sector Investing and Specialized Stocks 105

Chapter 7: For Your Interest: The World of Bond ETFs 123

Chapter 8: REITs, Commodities, and Active ETFs 143

Part III: Customizing and Optimizing Your ETF Portfolio 161

Chapter 9: Sample ETF Portfolio Menus 163

Chapter 10: Understanding Risk and Return 185

Chapter 11: Exercising Patience and Learning Exceptions 205

Part IV: The Part of Tens 227

Chapter 12: Ten FAQs about ETFs 229

Chapter 13: Ten Mistakes Most Investors (Even Smart Ones) Make 235

Index 241