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Investing in Fixed Income Securities: Understanding the Bond Market

Investing in Fixed Income Securities: Understanding the Bond Market

Gary Strumeyer

ISBN: 978-0-471-71971-7

Jul 2012

288 pages



Investors who've primarily purchased equity securities in the past have been looking for more secure investment alternatives; namely, fixed income securities. This book demystifies the sometimes daunting fixed income market, through a user-friendly, sophisticated, yet not overly mathematical format. Investing in Fixed Income Securities covers a wide range of topics, including the different types of fixed income securities, their characteristics, the strategies necessary to manage a diversified portfolio, bond pricing concepts, and more, so you can make the most informed investment decisions possible.

Chapter 1: An Overview of the Fixed Income Securities Market.

Chapter 2: The Basics of Debt Instruments.

Chapter 3: Bond Pricing Concepts.

Chapter 4: Risks Associated with Bonds.

Chapter 5: Macroeconomics and the Bond Market.

Chapter 6: Using Economic Variables to Forecast Interest Rates and the Bond Market.

Chapter 7: The Yield Curve.

Chapter 8: Money Market Instruments.

Chapter 9: U.S. Treasury and Government Agency Securities.

Chapter 10: Municipal Bonds.

Chapter 11: Corporate Bonds.

Chapter 12: Emerging Markets.

Chapter 13: Distressed Debt Securities.

Chapter 14: Mortgage-Backed Securities.

Chapter 15: Asset-Backed Securities.

Chapter 16: Preferred Stock.

Chapter 17: Fixed Income Derivatives: Products and Applications.

Chapter 18: Managing a Fixed Income Portfolio.

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“The book couldn’t be more timely.” (, 30th March 2005)