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Investing in Your Child's Future: Financial Planning for Your Child's Education

Investing in Your Child's Future: Financial Planning for Your Child's Education

Nicola Field

ISBN: 978-1-118-31959-8

Jan 2012, Wrightbooks

256 pages

Select type: E-Book



Most parents dream of giving their children the best possible education. However an education – primary, secondary and tertiary – costs money. Parents of a child born in 2006 can pay approximately $250K for a child's lifetime education according to the latest research from the Australian Scholarships Group. And costs are constantly on the rise.

Investing in Your Child's Future is aimed at parents and future parents, grandparents and other family members, and covers children's education from pre-school to tertiary studies. It is designed to show readers how they can secure and contribute to their children's future and can benefit from a higher education at the institution of their choice, without sacrificing their lifestyle or financial security, and regardless of their income. Investing in Your Child's Future shows readers how they can finance all, or some, of their children's education by planning ahead, implementing simple strategies and saving money as early and as regularly as possible.

When your children are young, it's easy to delay funding their education as it is not an immediate expense. However, education is a major expense, regardless of whether you choose a private or public education, and the sooner you start saving, the more money you will accumulate, and the sooner you can stop worrying about your child's future.

Acknowledgements vii

Foreword ix

Preface xi

1 Education — never more important than today 1

2 Thinking through the choices 19

3 Capital punishment … a closer look at the costs 43

4 Scholarships, bursaries and other low-cost options 63

5 Freeing up money for education spending 77

6 A personal project — investing directly 97

7 A class act — investing indirectly 127

8 Help is available! 149

9 Off to school and into the red 163

10 Beyond the school gate 179

11 Surviving uni 193

12 A final word 219

Appendix A — Useful resources 221

Appendix B — Summary of saving and investment options 225

Notes 231

Index 237