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Investments: Analysis and Management, 2nd Edition

Investments: Analysis and Management, 2nd Edition

Charles P. Jones

ISBN: 978-0-470-81003-3

Dec 2006

736 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The new edition of Investments: Analysis and Management has been updated to reflect the current Australian investment market. Written for the first course in investments and portfolio management, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, the text aims to build understanding of the investment environment, to enable students to recognise investment opportunities and manage an investment portfolio. Wherever possible, references to Australasian companies, regulatory guidelines and professional practices have been included to help students apply the financial models presented and engage with the subject.

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Part 1 Background

1.Understanding Investments
2.Investment Alternatives
3.Managed Funds
4.Securities Markets
5.How securities are traded

Part 2 Important investment concepts

6. Understanding and managing risk and return

Part 3 Fixed income securities: analysis, valuation and management

7.Bonds, yields and prices
8.Bonds: analysis and strategy

Part 4 Ordinary shares: analysis, valuation and management

9.Ordinary shares valuation
10.Ordinary shares: analysis and strategy
11.Market efficiency

Part 5 Security Analysis

12.Economy/market analysis
13.Industry analysis
14.Company analysis
15.Technical analysis

Part 6 Derivatives

17. Futures

Part 7 Investment theory and management

18.Portfolio selection
19.Capital market theory
20.Portfolio management
21.Evaluation to investment performance