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Invitation to Person Centred Psychology

Invitation to Person Centred Psychology

Tony Merry

ISBN: 978-0-470-05864-0

Jun 2006

166 pages

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Person centred psychology developed from the work of Carl Rogers, an American psychotherapist and psychologist, who died in 1987. Over the last 50 years the "Person Centred Approach" (PCA)has become one of the most influential approaches to understanding and helping people. Its theory and philosophy, originally developed in the field of counselling and psychotherapy, has been extended to include applications to education, social and community work and the exploration of interpersonal and international conflict.

This book poses a series of everyday questions, such as, What makes us tick? Where do my values come from? How did I become who I am? Why are relationships so important? and then explores each of these issues showing how and why person centred psychology takes an optimistic view of human nature. In the process it also provides some novel ideas to help us explain why people behave in the way they do.

Section I - Theory and Philosophy of The Person.


Humanistic Psychology and The Origins and Growth of Person Centred Psychology.

What Makes us Tick?

How did I Become who I Am?

If People are so Constructive, why do They do Such Destructive Things?

Section II - Becoming a Person.


Where do my Values Come From?

How Much Free Choice do I Really have?

Can I Love Someone and Still be Myself?

What do I Want From Life?

Why are Relationships so Important?

How do Person Centred Counsellors Help?

Section III - Learning and Growing


Can Person Centred Values be lived in Classrooms?

Who Will Listen to The Children?

Can Schools be More caring?

Can School Students Really be Trusted?

Section IV - Culture, Groups, Power and Peace.


Can Person Centred Psychology Work in a multi-cultural Society?

Does Person Centred Psychology Work With Groups?

Can understanding Lead to Peace?


An Interview Between Carl Rogers and Ms G.