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Invitation to Personal Construct Psychology, 2nd Edition

Invitation to Personal Construct Psychology, 2nd Edition

Trevor Butt, Vivien Burr

ISBN: 978-1-861-56387-3

Jul 2004

160 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This 'invitation' focuses on questions of personality in everyday life that intrigue and puzzle us. In this way, we are introduced to both the principles and the fascinating methods of the psychology of personal constructs. This second edition incorporates the recent work on trauma and grieving that has been produced by psychotherapists in this field.

It also includes a guide to up to date developments in constructivist theory and method. Without losing sight of the important issues that we all encounter in our lives, the authors provide a compelling invitation to this approach to personality. Written in plain English, with numerous examples, they show how we both make and find meaning in the world that confronts us.


Part 1. - Constructive Alternativism.

Is That a Fact?

Are you Friends or Lovers?

Am I Gay?

Are you Ruled by you Head or Your Heart?

Part 2.- The Nature of The Personality.

Can you Change Your Personality?

Do Opposites attract?

What am I Really Like?

What Made me The way I am?

Why Have you changed?

Part 3. - Reconstructing Illness.

Am I a Neurotic?

Why Worry?

Am I imagining This Pain?

Am I an Addict?

Am I Traumatised?

Part 4. - Reconstructing change.

Do I Really Want to Give up Drinking?

Can you Really Hypnotise People?

Why Don't They Ever Learn?

Part 5. - Measurement and Change.

How can we Measure constructs?

How can I Change?

Further Reading and References.


“This book is easily readable and comprehensive ….Overall this book would be a good starting point to gain basic understanding of PCP.” (International Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol.9 No.1 2005)