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Ion Acceleration in the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere

Ion Acceleration in the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere

Tom Chang (Editor-in-Chief), M. K. Hudson (Co-Editor), J. R. Jasperse (Co-Editor), R. G. Johnson (Co-Editor), P. M. Kintner (Co-Editor), Michael Schulz (Co-Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66421-6

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

399 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 38.

This past onescore years had seen substantial progress in understanding the nature of the plasma domains which play critical roles in the dynamics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere: the diverse auroral plasmas including the striking inverted-V events, the polar cusp and polar wind, the plasmasphere, the bow shock, the magnetotail, the plasma sheet and its boundary and earthward extension. On the other hand, with only a few exceptions, analytic descriptions of the various plasma phenomena that are relevant to the real geometry and physics of the geoplasma environment are generally inadequate.

List of Conference Participants v

Preface Tom Chang xiii


Magnetospheric Ion Acceleration Processes
John M. Cornwall 3

Experimental Aspects of Ion Acceleration in the Earth's Magnetosphere
David T. Young 17


Low-Altitude Transverse Ionospheric Ion Acceleration
A. W. Yau, B. A. Whalen, and P.M. Kintner 39

Transverse Auroral Ion Energization Observed on DE-1 With Simultaneous Plasma Wave and
Ion Composition Measurements
W. K. Peterson, E.G. Shelley, S. A. Boardsen, and D. A. Gurnett 43

Observations of Coherent Transverse Ion Acceleration
T. E. Moore, J. H. Waite, Jr., M. Lockwood, and C. R. Chappell 50

Transport of Accelerated Low-Energy Ions in the Polar Magnetosphere
J.L. Horwitz, M. Lockwood, J. H. Waite, Jr., T. E. Moore, C. R. Chappell, and M. O. Chandler 56

Ion Energization in Upwelling Ion Events
J.H. Waite, Jr., T. E. Moore, M. O. Chandler, M. Lockwood, A. Persoon, and M. Suguira 61

Observations of Transverse and Parallel Acceleration of Terrestrial Ions at High Latitudes
H. L. Collin, E.G. Shelley, A. G. Ghielmetti, and R. D. Sharp 67

Accelerated Auroral and Polar-Cap Ions: Outflow at DE-1 Altitudes
A.W. Yau, E.G. Shelley, and W. K. Peterson 72

Ion Specific Differences in Energetic Field Aligned Upfiowing Ions at 1 Re
A.G. Ghielmetti, E.G. Shelley, H. L. Collin, and R. D. Sharp 77

Heating of Upfiowing Ionospheric Ions on Auroral Field Lines
P.H. Reiff, H. L. Collin, E.G. Shelley, J. L. Burch, and J. D. Winningham 83

Interaction of H+ and O+ Beams: Observations at 2 and 3 Re
R.L. Kaufmann and G. R. Ludlow  92

Banded Ion Morphology: Main and Recovery Storm Phases
R.A. Frahm, P. H. Reiff, J. D. Winningham, and J. L. Burch 98

The Conductance of Auroral Magnetic Field Lines
D. R. Weimer, D. A. Gurnett, and C. K. Goertz 108


Velocity Distributions of Ion Beams in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer
T. E. Eastman, R. J. DeCoster, and L. A. Frank 117

Ion Interactions in the Magnetospheric Boundary Layer
B. Hultqvist, R. Lundin, and K. Stasiewicz 127

Ion Acceleration During Steady-State Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause
A.D. Johnstone, D. J. Rodgers, A. J. Coates, M. F. Smith, and D. J. Southwood 136

The Effect of Plasma Sheet Thickness on Ion Acceleration Near a Magnetic Neutral Line
R. F. Martin, Jr. 141

cceleration of Energetic Oxygen (E >137 keV) in the Storm-Time Ring Current A.T.Y.
Lui, R. W. McEntire, S. M. Krimigis, and E. P. Keath 149

On the Loss of O + Ions (<17 keV/e) in the Ring Current During the Recovery Phase of a Storm
J. B. Cladis and O. W. Lennartsson 153

Eigenfunction Methods in Magnetospheric Radial-Diffusion Theory
Michael Schulz 158

Ionospheric Ion Streams at Altitudes Below 14 Re
S. Orsini and M. Candidi 164

Statistical Study of Enhanced Ion Fluxes in the Outer Plasmasphere
J.D. Menietti, J. L. Burch, R. L. Williams, D. L. Gallagher, and J. H. Waite, Jr. 172


The Neutral Lithium Velocity Distribution of an AMPTE Solar Wind Release as Inferred
From Lithium Ion Measurements on the UKS Spacecraft
S.C. Chapman, A.D. Johnstone, and S. W. H. Cowley 179

Lithium Tracer Ion Energization Observed at AMPTE-UKS
A.D. Johnstone, A. J. Coates, M. F. Smith, and D. J. Rodgers 186

ELF Waves and Ion Resonances Produced by an Electron Beam Emitting Rocket in the Ionosphere
J. R. Winckler, Y. Abe, and K. N. Erickson 191

Argon Ions Injected Parallel and Perpendicular to the Magnetic Field
R.E. Erlandson, L. J. Cahill, Jr., C. Pollock, R. L. Arnoldy, J. LaBelle, P.M. Kintner, and T. E. Moore 201

A Comparison of Plasma Waves Produced by Ion Accelerators in the F-Region Ionoshere
L. J. Cahill 206


Ion Acceleration in Laboratory Plasmas
Reiner L. Stenzel 211

Ion Acceleration in Laboratory Plasmas
Noah Hershkowitz 224

Laboratory Simulation of Magnetospheric Plasma Phenomena Using Laser Induced
Fluorescence as a Diagnostic
N. Rynn 235

Laboratory Simulation of Ion Acceleration in the Presence of Lower Hybrid Waves
R. McWilliams. R. Koslover, H. Boehmer, and N. Rynn 245

Laboratory Experiments on Plasma Expansion
Chung Chan 249

Ion Acceleration: A Phenomenon Characteristic of the "Expansion of Plasma Into a Vacuum"
Uri Samir, K. H. Wright, Jr., and N.H. Stone 254


Ion Acceleration by Wave-Particle Interaction
Robert L. Lysak 261

Ion Heating in the Cusp
M. Hudson and I. Roth 271

Plasma Simulation of Ion Acceleration by Lower Hybrid Waves in the Suprauroral
Region John M. Retterer, Tom Chang, and J. R. Jasperse 282

Analytic Ion Conics in the Magnetosphere
G. B. Crew, Tom Chang, J. M. Retterer, and J. R. Jasperse 286

Parametric Processes of Lower Hybrid Waves in Multicomponent Auroral Plasmas Hannu
E. J. Koskinen 291

A New Mechanism for Excitation of Waves in a Magnetoplasma, I, Linear Theory
G. Ganguli, Y. C. Lee, and P. J. Palmadesso 297

A New Mechanism for Excitation of Waves in a Magnetoplasma, II, Wave-Particle and Nonlinear Aspects P. Palmadesso, G. Ganguli, and Y. C. Lee 301

Heating of Light Ions in the Presence of a Large Amplitude Heavy Ion Cyclotron Wave K.-I.
Nishikawa and H. Okuda 307

Linear Effects of Varying Ion Composition on Perpendicularly-Driven Flute Modes:
Comparison to Rocket Observation
David N. Walker 311

The Direct Production of Ion Conics by Plasma Double Layers
Joseph E. Borovsky and Glenn Joyce 317

On the Spatial Scale Size of Oblique Double Layers
W. Lennartsson 323

Double Layers in Linearly Stable Plasma
Robert H. Berman, David J. Tetreault, and Thomas H. Dupree 328

Effects of Warm Streaming Electrons on Electrostatic Shock Solutions
E. Witt and M. Hudson  344

Numerical Simulations of Auroral Plasma Processes: Ion Beams and Conics
Nagendra Singh, H. Thiemann, and R. W. Schunk 340

Numerical Simulations of Auroral Plasma Processes: Electric Fields
Nagendra Singh, H. Thiemann, and R. W. Schunk 343


Macroscopic Ion Acceleration Associated With the Formation of the Ring Current in the
Earth's Magnetosphere
B. H. Mauk and C.-I. Meng 351

Ion Acceleration in Expanding Ionospheric Plasmas
Nagendra Singh and R. W. Schunk 362

Time-Dependent Numerical Simulation of Hot Ion Outflow From the Polar Ionosphere
W.I. Gombosi, T. E. Cravens, A. F. Nagy, and J. H. Waite, Jr. 366


Impulsive Ion Acceleration in Earth's Outer Magnetosphere
D.N. Baker and R. D. Belian 375

Experimental Identification of Electrostatic Plasma Waves Within Ion Conic Acceleration
Regions P. M. Kintner 384

A Digest and Comprehensive Bibliography on Transverse Auroral Ion Acceleration
D.M. Klumpar 389

Author Index  399