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Ion-Transfer Kinetics

J. R. Sandifer

ISBN: 978-0-471-18561-1 March 1995 142 Pages


The book introduces the reader to the principles of ion-transfer kinetics based on an assumed knowledge of calculus, electrostatics, and thermodynamics. These principles are presented in a simply way and their generality is abundantly illustrated with real examples. The book also supplies sufficient instruction in experimental methodology to allow the reader to study the principles of ion- transfer kinetics experimentally. The principles are so well developed mathematically that the reader can even write computer programs to simulate the ion-transfer properties of hypothetical materials incorporated into equally hypothetical products. Finally, the book is so extensive referenced that the reader can easily extend his knowledge into the finer details of the subject.
From the Contents:
Theoretical Treatment and Experimental Investigation of Ion-Transfer Across Liquid/Liquid Interfaces/
Ion Transport Phenomena: Charge Exchange and Transport Into and Within "Thick" Ideal Membranes/
Intrinsic Conductance of Inorganic Ions Through Bilayer Lipid Membranes/
Ion Transport Into and Within Plastic Ion-Selective Membranes/
Ionic Space-Charge and the AgX Surface/
Techniques for Computer Simulation of Ion Transport Phenomena