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Iron Catalysis in Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Applications



Iron Catalysis in Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Applications

Bernd Plietker (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62328-0 September 2008 295 Pages



This first comprehensive book to cover this exciting field also deals with the biological aspects, such as enzymes with iron.
Following an introduction, this handy reference and handbook goes on to deal with reductions, oxidations of C, H- and C=C bonds, oxidative allylic oxygenation and amination, the oxidation of heteroatoms, cross coupling reactions, aromatic and nucleophilic substitutions, addition to carbonyl compounds, and cyclisations as well as ring opening reactions.
The chapters are clearly classified according to the reaction type, allowing readers to quickly locate the desired information.
Oxidations of C,H- and C=C Bonds
Oxidative Allylic Oxygenation and Amination
Oxidation of Heteroatoms
Cross Coupling Reactions
Aromatic Substitutions
Nucleophilic Substitutions
Addition to Carbonyl Compounds
Ring Opening Reactions
Iron-Catalysis in Biological Environment
"Iron Catalysis in Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Applications is timely, efficient, and valuable overview of the resurging field of iron catalysis. The combination of historical perspective, recent references, and educational writing style makes this book a useful point for the novice seeking to enter or appreciate this expanding field. Experts seeking a nimble compendium of the latest advances will also wish to add this book to their personal collection or institutional library." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, March 18, 2009)

"Under the editorial supervision of Bernd Plietker (University of Stuttgart), an excellent monograph on Iron Catalysis in Organic Chemistry has come to fruition.... The book is carefully organized and well endowed with a wealth of synthetic possibilities and the hottest developments in this competitive research area. This book will draw the attention of the catalysis community to the fact that modern iron catalysts are poised to take on the competition from established metal catalysts. Plietker deserves credit for his this nice piece of work, and the book will have a prime spot on my shelf." (Angewandte Chemie, February 16, 2009)