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Iron Metabolism: Inorganic Biochemistry and Regulatory Mechanisms



Iron Metabolism: Inorganic Biochemistry and Regulatory Mechanisms


Iron plays a crucial role in many biochemical processes. In recent years intensive research has led to a better understanding of the function of iron in cellular metabolism. In more than twenty articles internationally renowned experts give a thorough account of the recent developments of this fascinating field. The book focuses on the central questions, e.g. transport, storage, and utilization of iron in cells, the three-dimensional structure of iron-containing proteins, the physiological function of heme and iron sulfur-containing proteins, and the regulatory mechanisms in heme biosynthesis and redox regulation of signal transduction.

The interdisciplinary character of the book is designed to explore the many facets of the new findings and to provide a comprehensive overview of recent advances for biochemists, bioinorganic chemists, molecular biologists, microbiologists and immunologists. The reviews are supplemented with valuable background information, results and numerous references. This book emphasizes the relationships between the different disciplines concerned with iron metabolism and opens new perspectives for future research!
Covered subjects: Iron and Heme Biosynthesis
Iron-dependent Regulation of Heme Biosynthesis and Heme Proteins
Iron Sulfur Cluster-containing Proteins
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Iron Metabolism
New Roles Associated with Iron-containing Proteins
Oxo Bridged Binuclear Clusters
Three-Dimensional Structure of Iron-containing Proteins