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Isotope Techniques in the Hydrologic Cycle: Papers Presented at a Symposium at the University of Illinois, November 10 - 12, 1965

Isotope Techniques in the Hydrologic Cycle: Papers Presented at a Symposium at the University of Illinois, November 10 - 12, 1965

Glenn E. Stout (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66886-3

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

199 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 11.

This Monograph consists of a series of papers that were presented at a Symposium on Isotopes in the Hydrologic Cycle held on the University of Illinois campus on November 10–12, 1965, for which the Illinois State Water Survey served as the local host. This collection of papers on research and the application of isotopes in hydrology represents the current state of knowledge. In a few instances where speakers at the Symposium had published substantially similar papers elsewhere, only summaries of these reports are reproduced herein along with a reference to the original publications. Many of the papers, especially the contributions from other countries, were invited by the Committee.

Glenn E. Stout v

Introductory Comments
George J. Rotariu 1


Development of a Radioisotope Gage for Monitoring Sediment Concentration in Rivers and Streams
Bach Sellers, Charles A. Ziegler, and John Papadopoulos 3

Isotope Snow Gages for Determining Hydrologic Characteristics of Snowpacks
James L. Smith, Donald W. Willen, and Michael S. Owens 11

Design of a Neutron Scattering Water Content Gage for Soils
Kenneth Preiss 22

Downward Movement of Soil Moisture Traced by Means of Hydrogen Isotopes
U. Zimmermann, K. O. Munnich, and W. Roether 28


The Application of Isotopes to Some Problems in Atmospheric Sciences
Eugene W. Bierly 37

A Balloon-Borne Hygronleter System for the Measurement of Atmospheric Water Vapor
Stephen F. Rohrbough, John G. Ballinger, and Lyle E. Koehler 47

Diffusiophoretic and Thermophoretic Effects on Particulate Matter near Condensing and Evaporating Water Surfaces
Phillip Goldsmith 55

The Atmospheric Transport of Tritium
Erik Eriksson 56

Hurricane Tritium I: Preliminary Results on Hilda 1964 and Betsy 1965
H. Gote Ostlund 58

The Tracing of Radioisotopes Released into the Lower Troposphere
Joseph A . Warburton 61


Contribution of Isotope Techniques to the Study of Some Hydrological Problems
Bryan R. Payne 62

The Use of Radioactive Tracer Gases To Study the Rate of Exchange of Water Vapor between Air and Natural Surfaces
P. J. Barry 69

Application of Deuterium Analyses to the Hydrology of the Lakes of the Grand Coulee, Washington
Irving Friedman and Alfred C. Redfield 77

Ultra-Law-Velocity Measurement in a Stratified Reservoir by Isotopic Current Meter
Rex A. Elder and Svein Vigander 81

A Numerical Model for the Hydrologic Transport of Radioactive Aerosols from Precipitation to Water Supplies
Dale D. Huff and Paul Kruger 85

Water Tracing in the Hydrologic
Cycle L. L. Thatcher 97

Development of Isotope Methods Applied to Groundwater Hydrology
A. Nir 109

Radiocarbon Determinations Applied to Groundwater Hydrology
Bruce B. Hanshaw, Meyer Rubin, William Back, and Irving Friedman 117

Groundwater Flow and Direction Measurement by Means of Radioisotopes in a Single
Well J. Mairhofer 119

Use of Chemical and Radioactive Tracers at the National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho
Donald A. Morris 130

Radiocarbon Ages of Groundwater in an Arid Zone Unconfined Aquifer
M. A. Tamers 143

Large-Scale Utilization of Tritium in Hydrologic Studies
Erik Eriksson 153

Environmental Tritium Studies at the National Reactor Testing Station
D. B. Hawkins and B. L. Schmalz 157

Fractionation of Tritium and Deuterium in Soil Water
Gordon L. Stewart 159

Techniques of Groundwater Tracing Using Radionuclides
W. F. Merritt 169

The Use of a Tracer Test To Verify an Estimate of the Groundwater Velocity in Fractured Crystalline Rock at the Savannah River Plant near Aiken, South Carolina
I. Wendell Marine 171

018/016 Ratios in Snow and Ice of the Hubbard and Kaskawulsh Glaciers
D. S. Macpherson and H. R. Krouse 180

General Comment on Microbiological Activity and Its Effect on Isotopic Studies of
Water H. R. Krouse 195


List of Participants 196