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Isotope Tracers in Metabolic Research: Principles and Practice of Kinetic Analysis, 2nd Edition

Isotope Tracers in Metabolic Research: Principles and Practice of Kinetic Analysis, 2nd Edition

Robert R. Wolfe, David L. Chinkes

ISBN: 978-0-471-46209-5

Oct 2004

488 pages

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In the past few years, the number of applications of tracers for in vivo biomedical studies has greatly increased. New analytical tools at the genetic and protein levels have spurred this growth, opening the door for a deeper understanding of metabolic events. This in turn promises to yield significant advances in the understanding and treatment of human disease.

Now fully revised and expanded, Isotope Tracers in Metabolic Research, Second Edition is the established definitive text on stable and radioactive isotope tracers. In unique, multidisciplinary fashion, it presents comprehensive coverage of new methodological, mathematical, and theoretical approaches.

This new Second Edition includes:

  • All-new chapters on nuclear magnetic resonance, mass isotopomer analysis, and methods of protein metabolism analysis
  • A completely updated categorized list of over 750 references
  • Major advances in the development of mass isotopomer and positional isotopomer techniques, noninvasive isotope techniques for studying metabolic pathways, hyphenated techniques, and new tracer techniques
  • The latest developments in quantification of DNA synthesis and mass spectrometry spurred by genome sequencing and proteomics
  • New coverage of mathematical modeling
  • Expanded coverage of microdialysis probes, laboratory procedures, and regulatory issues related to human studies

In this complete guide to performing tracer studies, the authors systematically cover tracer selection, modeling considerations, sample derivitization, mass spectrometry analysis, and data interpretation. Problems and discussion questions highlight key points in each chapter. Isotope Tracers in Metabolic Research, Second Edition offers students and researchers a comprehensive, practical resource for utilizing the latest tracer methodologies.


Chapter 1. Basic Characteristics of Isotopic Tracers.

Chapter 2. Calculating Specific Activity and Radiation Dosages.

Chapter 3. Calculation of Substance Kinetics: Single-Pool Model.

Chapter 4. Calculation of Substrate Kinetics: Multiple-Pool Model.

Chapter 5. Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation.

Chapter 6. Determination of Isotopic Enrichment.

Chapter 7. Measurement of Substrate Oxidation.

Chapter 8. Measurement of Total Energy Expenditure Using the Doubly Labeled Water Method.

Chapter 9. Mass Isotopomer Distribution Analysis.

Chapter 10. Glucose Metabolism.

Chapter 11. Lipid Kinetics.

Chapter 12. Whole Body Protein Synthesis and Breakdown.

Chapter 13. Measurement of the Synthesis of Specific Proteins.

Chapter 14. Measurement of Regional or Tissue Protein Breakdown.

Chapter 15. Arterial-Venous Balance Technique to Measure Amino Acid Kinetics.

Chapter 16. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.




"" supported by a wealth of illustrations, tables, and exemplary calculations that will aid in comprehension...[an] excellent and much needed textbook."" (The Quarterly Review of Biology, March 2007)

""...should be required for anyone who desires to know more about metabolic tracer kinetics."" (Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, September 2005)

"" effective integration of theory and practical implementation...It effectively serves as a teaching textbook as well as a research item."" (E-STREAMS, August 2005)