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Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies



Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies

Stuart Sayer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-39161-9 September 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 224 Pages


Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies presents a collection of surveys on key issues surrounding the relationship between credit, finance, and the macro-economy that are linked to the recent global financial crisis.
  • Presents a timely collection of surveys that shed light on the recent financial crisis
  • Offers insights for economists in government, business, and finance
  • Shows how the mainstream economics literature was not blind to the potential problems of the financial framework and its interplay with the macro-economy

Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies – An Overview (Stuart Sayer).

1 Bank Capital Requirements, Business Cycle Fluctuations and the Basel Accords: A Synthesis (Ines Drumond).

2 The Ten Commandments for Optimizing Value-at-Risk and Daily Capital Charges (Michael McAleer).

3 The Ten Commandments for Managing Value at Risk Under the Basel II Accord (Juan-Ángel Jiménez-Martín, Michael McAleer and Teodosio Peréz-Amaral).

4 Sovereign Insolvency Procedures A Comparative Look at Selected Proposals (Kathrin Berensmann and Angélique Herzberg).

5 Collective Action Clauses in International Sovereign Bond Contracts – Whence the Opposition? (Sonke Haseler).

6 Collateral and Credit Rationing: A Review of Recent Empirical Studies as a Guide for Future Research (Tensie Steijvers and Wim Voordeckers).

7 The Stock Market, Housing and Consumer Spending: A Survey of the Evidence on Wealth Effects (Monica Paiella).

8 Price-Level Targeting and Stabilisation Policy: A Survey (Steve Ambler).


"The range of topics in this well-researched and well-written book include optimizing value-at-risk and daily capital charges, managing value at risk under the Basel II Accord, sovereign insolvency procedures, collective action clauses in international sovereign bond contracts, a review of empirical studies on collateral and credit rationing, and capital requirements, business cycle fluctuations, and the Basel Accords." (Booknews, 1 April 2011)