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It's All About Service: How to Lead Your People to Care for Your Customers

It's All About Service: How to Lead Your People to Care for Your Customers

Ray Pelletier

ISBN: 978-0-471-73534-2

May 2005

240 pages



Practical strategies for better customer service based on the principles
of servant-leadership
Individuals in the workforce and the clients they serve are the fundamental building blocks of every company in America. Executives talk about customer service; but their employees are the ones who make it happen (or not). Author Ray Pelletier reveals the vital importance of a happy workforce in creating a happy client. By caring for employees, managers create an environment in which employees can care for customers. This book shows senior leaders, managers, and supervisors how to develop a managerial style that combines teamwork, trust, listening, forethought, and ethics to nurture a happy workforce and improve customer service. Built on the foundations of the servant-leadership model, the book offers effective, easy-to-implement strategies to develop these vital managerial skills. It's All About Service reveals that leaders who care for their people create businesses that care for their clients-and gain an edge over the competition.


About the Author.


1. It’s All About Trust.

2. The Power of Vision Crafting.

3. Generating Enthusiasm.

4. No One Whistles a Symphony—It Takes an Orchestra to Play It.

5. Character.

6. Conflict Management.

7. Competition.

8. The Art of Coaching.

9. Listening.

10. Caring.