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J.K. Lasser's Online Taxes

J.K. Lasser's Online Taxes

Barbara Weltman

ISBN: 978-0-471-22805-9

Jul 2002

240 pages

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The best guide to making tax season and year-round planning easier and cheaper is finally here! With a growing number of taxpayers filing online and the recently passed Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, J.K. Lasser's Online Taxes is the perfect answer for all your online tax filing questions. Whether you're a beginner or experienced online tax filer, this practical guide provides accessible information regarding the best tax resources on the Internet, including the IRS Web site. You will also learn how online tax tools offer practical tax strategies and advice at a fraction of what a consultant would cost. With step-by-step instructions on how to file electronically and helpful tips on the new tax law, this book makes filing your taxes simple. J.K. Lasser's Online Taxes will make April 15th seem like just another day.

Critical coverage will help you:
* Incorporate the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 into your electronic preparation
* Pinpoint tax resources on the Web to minimize the need for a consultant
* Compare electronic preparation products, including TurboTax and TaxCut
* Download necessary tax forms and file your taxes online
* File federal and state returns for individuals and small business owners

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PART 1 Preparing and Filing Your Federal Income Tax Return.

1. The Basics of Online Filing.

Advantages of Online Filing.

Scope of Online Filing.

Privacy Concerns.

2. Preparing Your Return.

Return Preparation Options.

Selecting Tax Software.

Using Tax Software.

Preparing Returns Online.

Returns by Telephone.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Online Return Preparation.

3. Filing Electronically.

Electronic Filing Alternatives.

Mechanics of Online Filing.

Getting Refunds.

Paying Taxes Owed.

4. Preparing and Filing Other Federal Tax Forms.

Filing Extensions.

Estimated Taxes.

Other Forms.

PART 2 Preparing and Filing Your State Income Tax Return.

5. Preparing Your State Return.

Return Preparation Options for State Returns.

Selecting Tax Software for State Returns.

Using Software for State Returns.

Preparing State Returns Online.

State Returns by Telephone.

Getting State Tax Information.

6. Filing State Returns Electronically.

Electronic Filing Alternatives.

Mechanics of Online Filing.

Getting Refunds.

Paying Taxes Owed.

State-by-State Survey of Filing Options.

7. Preparing and Filing Other State Tax Forms.

Filing Extensions for State Income Tax Returns.

State Estimated Taxes.

Property Taxes.

Other Taxes.

PART 3 Small Business Owner?s Guide to Taxes Online.

8. Filing Business Income Tax Returns.

Benefits of E-Filing Business Income Tax Returns.

Selecting Software for Business Income Tax Returns.

Filing Electronically.

Getting Refunds.

Paying Taxes Owed.

9. Filing Employment Taxes and Other Returns.

Employment Taxes.

Information Returns.

Other Taxes and Returns.

10. Getting Business Information and Help Online.

IRS Assistance for Small Business.

Online Accounting Options.

Offering Electronic Filing as a Tax-Free Employee Benefit.

Tax-Related Information Online.

PART 4 Using the Internet for Tax Planning.

11. What the IRS Web Site Can Offer You.

Finding Materials for Tax Preparation.

Doing Tax Research at the IRS Site.

Solving Your Tax Questions Online.

Keeping Up to Date.

12. Online Tax Research.

Using Tax Web Browsers.

Online Chats and Other Tax Forums.

Doing Tax Research Online.

Learning from Online Tax Guides.

Learning from Major Accounting Firms.

Locating Tax Professionals Online.

Other Online Resources.

13. Online Tax Planning.

Income Tax Planning.

Investment Planning.

College Savings Planning.

Retirement Planning.

Estate Planning.


Appendix A: Directory of Online Tax Web Sites.

Appendix B: Directory of State Revenue Departments.