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Jacaranda Geoactive Stage 5 NSW Australian curriculum learnON (Codes Emailed)

Jacaranda Geoactive Stage 5 NSW Australian curriculum learnON (Codes Emailed)

Louise Swanson, Nicole Gray, Karen Bowden, Adrian Harrison, Kymberly Govers, Steven Newman

ISBN: 978-0-730-34752-1

Jan 2018, Jacaranda

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Topic 1: The world of Geography             

Topic 2: Biomes             

Topic 3: Biomes produce food  

Topic 4: How are biomes changing?       

Topic 5: Challenges to food production

Topic 6: 2050- Food shortage or surplus?            

Topic 7: Fieldwork inquiry: What are the effects of travel in the local community?            

Topic 8: Urbanisation   

Topic 9: The rise and rise of urban settlements

Topic 10: Planning Australia’s urban future        

Topic 11: Geographical inquiry: Investigating an Asian megacity

Topic 12: Introducing environmental change and management   

Topic 13: Land environments under threat

Topic 14: Inland Water

Topic 15: Managing Change in Coastal Environments

Topic 16: Marine environments – Are we trashing our oceans?

Topic 17: Sustaining Urban Environments

Topic 18: Geographical inquiry: Developing an environmental management plan

Topic 19: Human Wellbeing and development

Topic 20: Spatial variations in human wellbeing

Topic 21: Human Wellbeing in Australia

Topic 22: Improving Human Wellbeing

Topic 23 Fieldwork inquiry: Comparing wellbeing in the local area