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Jacaranda Physics 11 4E eBookPLUS (Codes Emailed)

Jacaranda Physics 11 4E eBookPLUS (Codes Emailed)

Kahni Burrows, Michael Andriessen, Dan O'Keeffe, Graeme Lofts, Bruce McKay

ISBN: 978-0-730-34780-4

Jan 2018, Jacaranda

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Chapter 1: Learning to think like a physicist         

Chapter 2: Motion in a straight line         

Chapter 3: Motion in a plane      

Chapter 4: Forces           

Chapter 5: Energy and work       

Chapter 6: Momentum, energy and simple systems         

Chapter 7: Wave properties       

Chapter 8: Wave behaviour

Chapter 9: Sound waves

Chapter 10: Ray model of light

Chapter 11: Thermodynamics

Chapter 12: Electrostatics

Chapter 13: Electric circuits

Chapter 14: Magnetism