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Janice VanCleave's Great Science Project Ideas from Real Kids



Janice VanCleave's Great Science Project Ideas from Real Kids

Janice VanCleave

ISBN: 978-0-787-98541-7 January 2007 128 Pages


There's plenty for you to choose from in this collection of forty terrific science project ideas from real kids, chosen by well-known children's science writer Janice VanCleave. Developing your own science project requires planning, research, and lots of hard work. This book saves you time and effort by showing you how to develop your project from start to finish and offering useful design and presentation techniques. Projects are in an easy-to-follow format, use easy-to-find materials, and include dozens illustrations and diagrams that show you what kinds of charts and graphs to include in your science project and how to set up your project display. You’ll also find clear scientific explanations, tips for developing your own unique science project, and 100 additional ideas for science projects in all science categories.



Chapter 1: Keep a Log Book.

Chapter 2: Select a Category.

Chapter 3: Do Topic Research.

Chapter 4: Do Project Research.

Chapter 5: Find a Project Problem.

Chapter 6: Come Up with a Project Hypothesis.

Chapter 7: Design a Project Experiment.

Chapter 8: Collect Raw Data.

Chapter 9: Create Your Project Summaries.

Chapter 10: Design Your Project Display.

Chapter 11: Prepare an Oral Presentation and Plan for Your Evaluation.


Project 1: What Effect Does the Physical Form of a Fertilizer Have on Plant Growth?

Project 2: What Effect Does Talcum Powder Have as an Insecticide?

Project 3: How Effective Are Sun Shadows for Telling Time?

Project 4: How Does Earth’s Rotation Affect the Position of the “Man in the Moon”?

Project 5: What Effect Does a Glucose Solution Have on the Longevity of Cut Flowers?

Project 6: What Effect Does the Color of Light Have on Phototropism?

Project 7: What Effect Does the Position of Artificial Light Have on Plant Growth?

Project 8: How Does Exposure Time to Microwaves Affect Seed Germination?

Project 9: What Effect Does the Size of a Plant’s Leaves Have on the Plant’s Transpiration Rate?

Project 10: How Do Seasonal Color Changes in the Environment Affect Camouflage in Animals?

Project 11: How Does the Amount of Water in a Gel Affect Its Flexibility?

Project 12: What Effect Does the Type of Flour Have on the Ability of Calcium Propionate to Inhibit Bread Mold?

Project 13: What Effect Does Light Have on the Rate of Planaria Regeneration?

Project 14: What Effect Does Regular Physical Exercise Have on the Lungs’ Vital Capacity?

Project 15: What Effect Does Gender Have on the Stroop Test Color Recognition Response Time?

Project 16: How Does the Volume of Background Music Affect Short-Term Memory?

Project 17: How Does Color Intensity Affect the Perceived Sweetness of Food?

Project 18: What Effect Does the Type of Video Game Have on Blood Pressure?

Project 19: What Effect Does Surface Area Have on the Evaporation Rate of Water?

Project 20: What Effect Does Temperature Have on the Amount of Solute Needed to Prepare a Saturated Solution?

Project 21: What Effect Does Surface Texture Have on Growing Crystals?

Project 22: What Effect Does Temperature Have on the Thickness of Ketchup?

Project 23: What Effect Does the pH of Food Have on Preventing Tarnish on Copper Pots?

Project 24: What Effect Does the Concentration of a Mordant Have on the Colorfastness of a Natural Dye?

Project 25: How Effective Are Homemade Barometers in Predicting Weather?

Project 26: What Effect Does Humidity Have on Condensation Rate?

Project 27: How Does Evaporation Affect the Salinity of Ocean Water?

Project 28: What Effect Does the Type of Ground Cover Have on the Rate of Soil Erosion?

Project 29: How Does the Texture of Paper Affect Its Printing Quality?

Project 30: What Type of Container Increases the Shelf Life of Bread?

Project 31: How Does the Degree of Stretching Affect the Ability of Plastic Food Wraps to Keep Foods Fresh?

Project 32: What Effect Does Triangle Size Have on the Strength of a Truss Bridge?

Project 33: How Steady Is the Moon’s Angular Speed from One Day to the Next?

Project 34: How Does the Ratio of Two Dyes in a Mixture Affect Its Color?

Project 35: How Does a Refrigerant’s Surface Area Affect How Well It Cools?

Project 36: What Effect Does Salt Concentration Have on the Specific Heat of an Aqueous Salt Solution?

Project 37: What Effect Does the Time of Day Have on Passive Solar Heating?

Project 38: How Does the Size of a Vibrating Surface Affect the Pitch of Its Sound?

Project 39: How Does Density Affect the Buoyancy of Objects?

Project 40: How Does Mass Affect the Period of a Pendulum?

Appendix A: 100 Project Ideas.

Appendix B: Science Project and Reference Books.



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