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Japan Architectural Review

Japan Architectural Review

Edited By:Shin-ichi Tanabe

Vol 1(4 Issues in 2018 )

Online ISSN: 2475-8876

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Japan Architectural Review is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Architectural Institute of Japan. The journal covers all aspects of architectural design and building sciences, including perspectives offered through the lens of science, technology, engineering, economics, social science and human-centered design, architectonics and other related fields. The journal provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, innovation and information between architects, researchers and engineers, with the aim of advancing the contribution architecture can make in mitigating and resolving a broad range of problems faced locally and globally. Japan Architectural Review publishes original papers, invited reviews, design reviews and translated papers in the areas noted above. The journal is published quarterly, and all content is published open access.