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Japanese Candle Charting

Japanese Candle Charting

Steve Nison

ISBN: 978-1-592-80220-3

Nov 2005

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Run time: 60 minutes. Our Advanced CMT Topics track is designed for candidates in the CMT Program and recent graduates. This track covers seven topics with which candidates tend to have the most diffi culty, particularly on the CMT Level 3 essay exam. The presentations cover three of the most complex topics:

Japanese candle charting, point & fi gure charting and Elliott Wave Principle, all taught by practitioners.
These areas seem to give candidates the most diffi culty on the exams, so an hour with the experts should prove to be a valuable education. The presentations on equities, foreign exchange, commodities and currencies are taught by individuals whose careers are dedicated to analyzing these markets. Many CMT candidates only focus on one of these markets; these sessions are designed to get candidates up to speed on analyzing markets with which they may not be familiar.

Altogether, these seven sessions are designed to give attendees insights into how technical analysis is applied in the real world. As well, these sessions are designed to be the perfect preparation for the essay questions on the CMT Level 3 exam which covers each of these areas. The insights of the practicing technicians who lead these sessions are representative of those insights required to pass the exams. These sessions were designed with CMT candidate feedback in mind. Often, candidates who spend their work day analyzing one market or primarily utilizing one technique, have a diffi cult time shifting gears to address all of the markets and techniques covered by the CMT Program.