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JavaTM, XML, and Web Services Bible

JavaTM, XML, and Web Services Bible

Mike Jasnowski

ISBN: 978-0-764-54847-5

Jan 2002

950 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This title provides a comprehensive reference/tutorial for Java programmers who want to tap the synergy of XML and Java in key Web development tasks.

The Java, XML, and Web Services Bible serves as a reference/tutorial for a variety of XML and Java related topics. It covers areas such as B2B, Instant Messaging, Java and XML Binding, Scalable Vector Graphics, and Application development with XML and JSP. It discusses some commercial and open technologies used with Java and XML such as Cocoon, Batik, and Xerces.


PART I: Working with XML.

Chapter 1: What Is XML?

Chapter 2: Using DOM/SAX/JDOM/JAXP.

Chapter 3: XML for Configuration.

PART II: Working with Transformations.

Chapter 4: What Are Transformations?

Chapter 5: Transforming XML.

Chapter 6: XSLT Extensions.

Chapter 7: Web Publishing.

PART III: XML and Distributed Computing.

Chapter 8: Distributed Applications, Transport Protocols, and XML.

Chapter 9: XML-RPC.

Chapter 10: SOAP.

Chapter 11: XML Messaging.

Chapter 12: Instant Messaging.

PART IV: Java Binding and XML.

Chapter 13: Using the SAX API to Create Java Objects.

Chapter 14: Castor.

Chapter 15: Swing Component Persistence as XML.

PART V: User Interface and Graphics.

Chapter 16: Scalable Vector Graphics.

Chapter 17: Using SVG with Java.

Chapter 18: Java Client-Based UI with XML.

Chapter 19: Web-Based UI with XML.

PART VI: Application Management.

Chapter 20: Java Management Extensions.

Chapter 21: XML-Based Application Management.

PART VII: XML and Databases.

Chapter 22: XML Databases and Tools.

Chapter 23: Mapping XML Documents to Relational Databases.

Chapter 24: Native XML Data Management with XIS.

PART VIII: Using XML in Three-Tier Applications.

Chapter 25: Using XSLT with Servlets/JSP.

Chapter 26: Using Tag Libraries.

Chapter 27: Using Servlets, JSP, and XML to Web-Enable Data.

PART IX: Web Services.

Chapter 28: Service Description.

Chapter 29: Service Discovery.

Chapter 30: Advanced Web Services.

Chapter 31: Web Services and Business-to-Business Exchanges.

Chapter 32: Web Services for Consumers.

Appendix A: Java, XML, and Web Services Resources.

Appendix B: DOM Level 2 Events and Traversal, Parsing Non-XML Data.

Appendix C: JAXM, SOAP, and More XML-RPC.

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Code for Listings 2-8, 2-9, and 2-10 ,

The code for Listings 2-8, 2-9, and 2-10 includes some mistakes involving the usage of the DOMImplementation interface. You can download the corrections for these individual files. The file on the download pagehas also been corrected.

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Bonus Content

Welcome to the online portion of Java, XML, and Web Services Bible. The file contains all the code from the book. Download the file and use WinZip to extract the samples to your computer.