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Java Programming: An IS Perspective



Java Programming: An IS Perspective

Jan L. Harrington

ISBN: 978-0-471-19665-5 January 1998 480 Pages


This introduction to Java programming features a business focus. It discusses what it means to be object oriented, how to structure classes, and how to write methods using Java's structured programming elements. After outlining the elements of a complete Java program, the book moves on to advanced topics such as writing event-driven GUI programs, preparing applets for the Web, one- and two-dimensional arrays, animation, and more. Files from the book will be available on the Web.
Introducing Java and the Object-Oriented Paradigm.

Running Java.

Variables and Data Types.

Writing and Using Methods (Part I).

Writing Methods (Part II).


Event-Driven Programming and the Graphic User Interface.

Arrays and Vectors.



Enhancing the GUI.

File I/O and Exception Handling.

Images, Animation, and Threads.