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Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions

Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions

Mark Watson

ISBN: 978-0-782-15133-6

Feb 2006

332 pages

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The problems encountered by a beginning Java programmer are many--and mostly minor.

The problems you encounter as an experienced Java programmer are far fewer—and far more serious.

Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions provides direct solutions to the thorny problems you're most likely to run up against in your work. Especially when a project entails new techniques or draws you into a realm outside your immediate expertise, potential headaches abound. With this book, a veteran Java programmer saves you both aggravation and—just as important—time.

Here are some of the solutions you'll find inside:

  • Parsing XML using SAX and DOM, and using XSLT to transform XML to HTML
  • Java file I/O: copying and deleting entire directories
  • Using Java search algorithms
  • Thread management
  • Leveraging Java Web Services support in SOAP, XML-RPC, and XML over HTTP
  • Low-level JDBC programming
  • Using servlets and JSPs (including struts) for web applications
  • Using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) container managed persistence
  • Generating EJB classes with ant and XDocolet
  • Using JUnit for unit testing

Modeled after the straightforward Q&A approach of the DevX website, these in-depth, code-intensive solutions help you past obstacles right now and ultimately make you a smarter, more effective programmer.


File I/O.

String Handling.

XML Processing.

Distributed Programming Using XML.

Arrays, Vectors, and Hash Tables.

Searching and Sorting.

Iterative Deepening Search.


JDBC Database Access.

Java Servlets.

Java ServerPages (JSPs).

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs).

Ant, JUnit, and XDoclet.

Java Data Objects.


Download all the code files for the book in .zip format
This zip file contains all the files associated with Java Programming 10-Minute Solutions. Files are broken out into smaller groups in the downloads below.
Ant Demos
A few standalone ant project demos.
Ant JSP Struts
A complete struts demo project including ant build files.
Zip file containing examples for Solutions 1 through 39.
JUnit Demos
JUnit examples with ant build files.
Part 10 - Examples for Java servlets
Part 11 - Examples for JSPs and struts
Parts 12 and 13 - EJB examples with ant build files (uses XDoclet)
Part 14 - Demos using Hibernate JDO