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JavaScript Bible, 5th Edition

JavaScript Bible, 5th Edition

Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison

ISBN: 978-0-764-55743-9

Mar 2004

1272 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • This new edition of the definitive guide to JavaScript has been revamped to cover the latest browsers, language updates, extensions, and JavaScript standards
  • Part tutorial and part reference, the book serves as a learning tool for building new JavaScript skills and a detailed reference for seasoned JavaScript developers
  • Danny Goodman's exclusive interactive workbench, The Evaluator, makes it easy to master JavaScript and DOM concepts
  • Offers deployment strategies that best suit the user's content goals and target audience
  • Bonus CD-ROM is packed with advanced content for the reader who wants to go an extra step



PART I: Getting Started with JavaScript.

Chapter 1: JavaScript’s Role in the World Wide Web and Beyond.

Chapter 2: Authoring Challenges Amid the Browser Wars.

Chapter 3: Your First JavaScript Script.

PART II: JavaScript Tutorial.

Chapter 4: Browser and Document Objects.

Chapter 5: Scripts and HTML Documents.

Chapter 6: Programming Fundamentals, Part I.

Chapter 7: Programming Fundamentals, Part II.

Chapter 8: Window and Document Objects.

Chapter 9: Forms and Form Elements.

Chapter 10: Strings, Math, and Dates.

Chapter 11: Scripting Frames and Multiple Windows.

Chapter 12: Images and Dynamic HTML.

PART III: Document Objects Reference.

Chapter 13: JavaScript Essentials.

Chapter 14: Document Object Model Essentials.

Chapter 15: Generic HTML Element Objects.

Chapter 16: Window and Frame Objects.

Chapter 17: Location and History Objects.

Chapter 18: The Document and Body Objects.

Chapter 19: Link and Anchor Objects.

Chapter 20: Image, Area, and Map Objects.

Chapter 21: The Form and Related Objects.

Chapter 22: Button Objects.

Chapter 23: Text-Related Form Objects.

Chapter 24: Select, Option, and FileUpload Objects.

Chapter 25: Event Objects.

Chapter 26: Style Sheet and Style Objects.

PART IV: JavaScript Core Language Reference.

Chapter 27: The String Object.

Chapter 28: The Math, Number, and Boolean Objects.

Chapter 29: The Date Object.

Chapter 30: The Array Object.

Chapter 31: Control Structures and Exception Handling.

Chapter 32: JavaScript Operators.

Chapter 33: Functions and Custom Objects.

Chapter 34: Global Functions and Statements.

Chapter 35: Body Text Objects.

PART V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: JavaScript and Browser Object Quick Reference.

Appendix B: JavaScript Reserved Words.

Appendix C: Answers to Tutorial Exercises.

Appendix D: JavaScript and DOM Internet Resources.

Appendix E: What’s on the CD-ROM.


End-User License Agreement.

PART VI: Bonus Chapters.

Chapter 36: HTML Directive Objects.

Chapter 37: Table and List Objects.

Chapter 38: The Navigator and Other Environment Objects.

Chapter 39: Positioned Objects.

Chapter 40: Embedded Objects.

Chapter 41: XML Objects.

Chapter 42: The Regular Expression and RegExp Objects.

Chapter 43: Data-Entry Validation.

Chapter 44: Scripting Java Applets and Plug-Ins.

Chapter 45: Debugging Scripts.

Chapter 46: Security and Netscape Signed Scripts.

Chapter 47: Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML Issues.

Chapter 48: Internet Explorer Behaviors.

Chapter 49: Application: Tables and Calendars.

Chapter 50: Application: A Lookup Table.

Chapter 51: Application: A “Poor Man’s” Order Form.

Chapter 52: Application: Outline-Style Table of Contents.

Chapter 53: Application: Calculations and Graphics.

Chapter 54: Application: Intelligent “Updated” Flags.

Chapter 55: Application: Decision Helper.

Chapter 56: Application: Cross-Browser DHTML Map Puzzle.

Chapter 57: Application: Transforming XML Data.

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