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JavaScript Bible, 6th Edition

JavaScript Bible, 6th Edition

Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison (With), Brendan Eich (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-06916-5

Apr 2007

1200 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Make your Web pages stand out above the noise with JavaScript and the expert instruction in this much-anticipated update to the bestselling JavaScript Bible. With renowned JavaScript expert Danny Goodman at your side, you’ll get a thorough grounding in JavaScript basics, see how it fits with current Web browsers, and find all the soup-to-nuts detail you’ll need. Whether you’re a veteran programmer or just starting out, this is the JavaScript book Web developers turn to again and again.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Part I: Getting Started with JavaScript.

Chapter 1: JavaScript’s Role in the World Wide Web and Beyond.

Chapter 2: Authoring Challenges Amid the Browser Wars.

Chapter 3: Your First JavaScript Script.

Part II: JavaScript Tutorial 27

Chapter 4: Browser and Document Objects.

Chapter 5: Scripts and HTML Documents.

Chapter 6: Programming Fundamentals, Part I.

Chapter 7: Programming Fundamentals, Part II.

Chapter 8: Window and Document Objects.

Chapter 9: Forms and Form Elements.

Chapter 10: Strings, Math, and Dates.

Chapter 11: Scripting Frames and Multiple Windows.

Chapter 12: Images and Dynamic HTML.

Part III: Document Objects Reference.

Chapter 13: JavaScript Essentials.

Chapter 14: Document Object Model Essentials.

Chapter 15: Generic HTML Element Objects.

Chapter 16: Window and Frame Objects.

Chapter 17: Location and History Objects.

Chapter 19: Link and Anchor Objects.

Chapter 20: Image, Area, Map, and Canvas Objects.

Chapter 21: The Form and Related Objects.

Chapter 21: Button Objects.

Chapter 23: Text-Related Form Objects.

Chapter 24: Select, Option, and FileUpload Objects.

Chapter 25: Event Objects.

Chapter 26: Style Sheet and Style Objects.

Chapter 27: Ajax and XML.

Part IV: JavaScript Core Language Reference.

Chapter 28: The String Object.

Chapter 29: The Math, Number, and Boolean Objects.

Chapter 30: The Date Object.

Chapter 31: The Array Object.

Chapter 32: Control Structures and Exception Handling.

Chapter 33: JavaScript Operators.

Chapter 34: Functions and Custom Objects.

Chapter 35: Global Functions and Statements.

Part V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference.

Appendix B: JavaScript Reserved Words.

Appendix C: Answers to Tutorial Exercises.

Appendix D: JavaScript and DOM Internet Resources.

Appendix E: What’s on the CD-ROM.


Part VI: Bonus Chapters On the CD-ROM.

Chapter 36: Body Text Objects.

Chapter 37: HTML Directive Objects.

Chapter 38: Table and List Objects.

Chapter 39: The Navigator and Other Environment Objects.

Chapter 40: Positioned Objects.

Chapter 41: Embedded Objects.

Chapter 42: The Regular Expression and RegExp Objects.

Chapter 43: Data-Entry Validation.

Chapter 44: Scripting Java Applets and Plug-Ins.

Chapter 45: Debugging Scripts.

Chapter 46: Security and Netscape Signed Scripts.

Chapter 47: Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML Issues.

Chapter 48: Internet Explorer Behaviors.

Chapter 49: Application: Tables and Calendars.

Chapter 50: Application: A Lookup Table.

Chapter 51: Application: A Poor Man’s Order Form.

Chapter 52: Application: Outline-Style Table of Contents.

Chapter 53: Application: Calculations and Graphics.

Chapter 54: Application: Intelligent “Updated” Flags.

Chapter 55: Application: Decision Helper.

Chapter 56: Application: Cross-Browser DHTML Map Puzzle.

Chapter 57: Application: Transforming XML Data.

Chapter 58: Application: Creating Custom Google Maps.

Key components of the book include:
  • JavaScript basics with an updated, standards-intensive tutorial tailored for newcomers
  • Writing scripts for mouse rollover effects and powerful client-side form validation
  • How to master JavaScript and DOM concepts with the exclusive interactive workbench: The Evaluator
  • Apply the latest JavaScript exception handling and custom object techniques
  • Use in Web 2.0 Applications in the form of AJAX and interaction with sites like Google Maps
  • Cross-browser Dynamic HTML applications for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox, and Camino
  • The latest in cross-browser compatibility techniques
  • Deployment strategies that best suit your content goals and target audience
  • CD: A searchable e-version of the book, 23 bonus JavaScript chapters for the advanced user, nine full, ready to run applications, and nearly 300 ready-to-run scripts.
"exhaustive update to the Bible series." (.net, August 2007)
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