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Jewish Tales of Holy Women

Yitzhak Buxbaum

ISBN: 978-0-787-96695-9 November 2002 Jossey-Bass 336 Pages


What is a "holy woman," or a holy man for that matter? According to the Jewish mystics, a holy person is someone who has not lost the holiness that every baby is born with. A holy person is someone who fulfills it. Stories about Jewish holy women have rarely been collected in such an engaging and entertaining form. The tales display a specifically female Jewish spirituality, giving us a peek into a world of devotional beauty that focuses on kindness. These stories of laughter and tears, humility and bravery, striving and trance, have an appeal spanning the denominational spectrum: they are spiritual nourishment for the soul. The rabbis say there are both male and female angels and angels are on earth as well as in heaven. These tales enhance our appreciation of the female angels on earth.
S'micha as a Maggid.


Note to the Reader.




Sabbath Candle-Lighting Prayers.

Tears Before Candle Lighting.

In the Merit of the Sabbath Candles.

A Prayer over the Challahs.

The Taste of the Garden of Eden.

Healing Food.

Watching at the Market.

Two Pious Peddlers.

Are You Not Our Father?

Riveleh the Tzaddeket.

Holy Spirit.

Deeds Great and Small.

How I Envy You!

A Fence to Wisdom.

A Saving Prayer.

Insulting Her Husband.

Rebbetzin "Devorah Cohen".

A Hidden Tzaddeket.

The Hot Water Heater.

It Must Have Been Hard!

If It's Difficult, It Must Be Good.

Using Every Device.

The Shofar.

An Angel for the Poor.

A Generous Wife.

A Blessing.

Yenta the Prophetess.

Loud Davvening.

All Prayer.

Edel, Daughter of the Baal Shem Tov.

The Sleeping Child.

The Gates of Divine Help.

Trust in God!

Elijah's Cup.

The Screaming Baby.

Have Faith!

The Bris.

A Special Gift.

A Covenant in the Flesh.

The Clotheslines.

The Guest.

The Sound of Her Blessings.

The Water Barrel.

Even Her Taking Was Giving.

A Reward for Kindness.

One Flesh.

At His Wife's Death.

How to Accept Suffering.

Great Love.

Tzedaka as a Cure.

A Fifth.

Standing Up for Herself.

No Joke Needed.

The Boldness of Rebbes.

Thank God!

Serving a Torah Scholar.

Her Share in the World to Come.

After the Fact.

How to Give Birth.

Facing God.

The Passing of a Woman Who Had the Holy Spirit.

My Time Has Come.

The Dress.

The Homely Lesson of a Patch.

Rebbetzin Malka of Belz.

More Than a Helpmate.

Sitting with the Rebbetzin.

Good Advice for Healing.

How to Eat.

How Much to Eat.

A Questionable Rebbe.

Malka Saves the Poultry.

They Are Clapping in Heaven.

Rebbe Edel of Brody.

Her Greatness.

Healing by Faith.

Doubtfully Kosher.

Rebbe Miriam Hayya of Shatz.

Preparing the Coffee.

A Miracle-Working Partne.r

How She Became a Rebbe.

Rebbe Sarah of Chantshin: A High Soul.

Sarah Shneirer.

Tzedaka in Secret I.

Tzedaka in Secret II.


Good Pay.

The IOU.

The Quality of Voice.

A Favor.

A Devoted Heart.

Under All Conditions.

From Heart to Feet.

Why Did the Milk Boil Over?

Sensing Others' Troubles.


Coins That Sparkle.

A Disregard for Wealth.

A Glass of Water.

In the Merit of His Mother.

A Mother's Tears.

Be like My Mother.

Ungrammatically Correct.

Which Blessing to Give.

The Secret of the Yarmulkes.

Pure Thoughts.

Guarding His Studying.



Two Cups.

Pessia Carlebach and the Gentile Maid.

He Who Would Live Should Die.

Golda and Miriam.

I Don't Kneel!

A Mother's Passion.

Training Her Sons.

The Future Redemption.

Waiting for Redemption.

In the Cave of Machpelah.

Sukkot Stories.

She Did Not Taste the Sukkah

Visions in the Sukkah

A Sukkah of Peace.

A Brilliant Female Scholar.

Hadassah Linder.

What Is Important.

In the Taxi.


A Single Bagel.

The Best for Others.

A Memorial.

Milk and Noodles.

Matters of Food.

The Joy of Giving.

Blessings and Curses.


First Aid.


The Torah Cries Out.

How Does One Attain Spiritual Greatness? .

Learning from the Pious.

The Tzaddeket.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.

A Holy Wind.

Bending Over.

Do Not Stand Idly By.

Comparing Faces.

Tears for Her People.

All Children Cry.

Everybody Must Give.

Giving When Things Are Tough.

The Source of Strength.

The Rebbetzin Teaches Children.

With Female Prisoners in Israel.

Two Jewish Girls in Denmark.

Allison and the Fruit Seller.

God Bless You!

Raise the Torah Banner High.