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Job Aids and Performance Support: Moving From Knowledge in the Classroom to Knowledge Everywhere, 2nd Edition

Job Aids and Performance Support: Moving From Knowledge in the Classroom to Knowledge Everywhere, 2nd Edition

Allison Rossett, Lisa Schafer

ISBN: 978-1-118-42961-7

Jun 2012

240 pages



Job Aids and Performance Support in the Workplace gives us everything we’ve ever wanted to know about these invaluable tools and techniques!  Allison Rossett and Lisa Schafer have created a comprehensive, pragmatic, and very readable guide.  The authors don’t exaggerate when they claim it’s ‘knowledge everywhere.’
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1 Introduction.

What Is Performance Support?

What Is Not Performance Support.

What Is to Love About Job Aids?

What Is to Love About Performance Support?

Are We Forgetting Training and Development?

About the Handbook.

Review of Chapter 1.

Preview of Chapter 2.

2 The When and Where of Performance Support.

When to Use Performance Support.

When Is Performance Support Inappropriate?

Review of Chapter 2.

Preview of Chapter 3.

3 Performance Support Yesterday and Today.

Job Aids at the Beginning.

Performance Support at the Beginning.

Review of Chapter 3.

Preview of Chapter 4.

4 Planner and Sidekick Performance Support.

An Expanded View.

Integration, Tailoring, and Pizza Delivery.

Integration, Tailoring, and Finding Your Way.

Parsing Performance Support.

Review of Chapter 4: Advising Amy, Alfonso, and Magnolia.

Preview of Chapter 5.

5 Examples of Planner Performance Support.

A Rubric for Teachers.

Calculator for Lifting Operations.

Sales Rep Incentive Tool.

Electronic Reference Library.

CLO Dashboard.

Review of Chapter 5.

Preview of Chapter 6.

6 Examples of Sidekick Performance Support.

Mike’s Express Carwash Poster.

Library of Congress Online Learning Center Demonstrations.

Football Wristbands.’s Interactive Coach.

Review of Chapter 6.

Preview of Chapter 7.

7 Getting Started with Performance Support.

Clarify the Opportunity.

Formats for Support.

Consider Media and Technology Options.

Embark on Development.

Review of Chapter 7.

Preview of Chapter 8.

8 The Elements of Effective Performance Support.

The Look and Feel of Quality.

IBM Brings It to Life.

Eight Principles for Performance Support.

You Don’t Have to Be IBM.

Review of Chapter 8.

Preview of Chapter 9.

9 Strategies for Implementation.

Place Performance Support in a Blend.

Target Priority Topics.

Assure Executive Sponsorship.

Establish a Cross-Functional Team.

Pilot and Continuously Improve.

Measure and Continuously Communicate.

Advance This New Way of Doing Business.

Implement as Change Management.

Review of Chapter 9.

Preview of Chapter 10.

10 Into the Future.

A New You.

A New Them.

Almost Unremarkable.

Is Nothing Sacred?


Performance Support Is Not Magic.

Small,Mobile, and Personalized.

Taming a Data-Rich World.

What Is It?

A Grain of Salt.

Still, a Very Good Thing.


About the Authors.