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John Isaacs and His Oceans

John Isaacs and His Oceans

Daniel Behrman, John D. Isaacs

ISBN: 978-1-118-66769-9

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

230 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series.

John Isaacs—scientist, oceanographer, naturalist, fisherman, biologist, engineer, inventor, teacher, and member of America's prestigious academies. In this book you'll "hear" Isaacs' ideas as told to Daniel Behrman through extensive discussions. Behrman guides you into Isaacs' world in a lively account of his endeavors including research in: climate change, nuclear energy and waste disposal, ocean instruments, halophytes, towing Antarctic icebergs, renewable energy sources, ocean pollution, desert irrigation, mine warfare, the marine food web, porpoises and dolphins, skyhook, marine resources, and the California current system.
"John was one of the very small number of marine scientists who can be called true oceanographers in the sense that they are interested in everything about the ocean—the motions of the waters, the ways of life in the sea, the use of an ocean's resources, and the meaning of the oceans for human history and for mankind's future"
—Roger Revelle, Director Emeritus of Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Chapter 1 Seas of Speculation  1

Chapter 2 The Eyes of Isaacs  12

Chapter 3 A Man of Great Horizontal Depth  18

Chapter 4 Manmade Cataclysms  28

Chapter 5 Natural Cataclysms  40

Chapter 6 Water: Fresh and Salt  49

Chapter 7 Deep-Sea Moorings and Skyhooks  60

Chapter 8 Non-ArchimedeanB odies  69

Chapter 9 The Great Machine  77

Chapter 10 With Heated Body  85

Chapter 11 To Bring the Knowledge of the Sea  92

Chapter 12 A Stopwatcha nd a Ruler  106

Chapter 13 Are the Oceans Dying?  119

Chapter 14 Views From the Sun and Elsewhere  129

Chapter 15 Isaacs the Fisherman  140

Chapter 16 Isaacs the Engineer  163

Chapter 17 The Frog in the Cereal  176

Chapter 18 A Joyous Memorial  194

Curriculum Vitae  205

Bibliography  207

Index  219