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John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition

John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition

Rev. John Trigilio Jr., Rev. Kenneth Brighenti, Rev. Jonathan Toborowsky, Rev. Monsignor James Cafone (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-89547-4

Apr 2015

372 pages

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Find out how two extraordinary leaders changed religion and the world

In April 2014, Pope Francis will jointly canonize two predecessors, John Paul II and John XXIII, in a move that recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments of these leaders of the Catholic faith. An estimated 1 million people filled St. Peter's Square and the surrounding streets for John Paul II's beatification, and the joint canonization will attract even more. With John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition you can learn more about these admired religious leaders and join millions of devotees in celebrating their lives and legacies. You'll get an in-depth look at John Paul II's remarkable life and achievements and learn more about the beloved John XXIII in a bonus chapter.

With this special edition e-book written in friendly, plain English, you'll discover how John Paul II's deep religious convictions affected world politics, history, and the Catholic faith. You'll be introduced to his influences, his personal struggles, the way he impacted the Church, and his methods for spreading his powerful message. Catholics and non-Catholics alike will find the stories of these holy men fascinating and inspiring.

  • Introduces you to the lives and legacies of both John Paul II and John XXIII
  • Presents you with the struggles, influences, and approaches to world politics of John Paul II, whose actions had a great impact on history
  • Includes a bonus chapter that details the life of John XXIII, who will be canonized along with John Paul II in April 2014
  • Written in an engaging, accessible style and a great read for Catholics and non-Catholics alike

John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition is your guide to discovering the exemplary lives of two rare and extraordinary men who have influenced generations of people all over the world.

Foreword xix

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting to Know John Paul II 9

Chapter 1: John Paul II: A Man for All Seasons 11

Chapter 2: Looking at the Landscape of JP2's Life 27

Chapter 3: Discovering the Man Who Would Be Pope 47

Chapter 4: Identifying Early Influences in John Paul II's Life 57

Chapter 5: Building the Foundation of His Thinking and Reasoning 71

Part II: Continuing the Legacy of Others and the Traditions of the Church 79

Chapter 6: Tracing John Paul II's Career 81

Chapter 7: Continuing the Council: Understanding Vatican II 97

Chapter 8: Holding the Line: Reinforcing Church Values, Teachings, and Traditions 111

Chapter 9: Defending a Civilization of Life versus a Culture of Death 129

Part III: Putting His Unique Stamp on the Papacy 145

Chapter 10: Keeping Up to Date: Moving the Catholic Church into the Modern Era 147

Chapter 11: Internationalizing the Church: Making It ""Catholic"" 165

Chapter 12: Building Bridges: Reaching Out to Other Religions 171

Chapter 13: Slaying the Dragon: Helping to Defeat the Evil Empire 187

Chapter 14: Sanctifying the Saints and Saintly of the World 201

Chapter 15: Giving Hope to the Young: World Youth Day 209

Part IV: Embracing Modernity and Looking to the Future 223

Chapter 16: The Epic Visits of a Traveling Pope 225

Chapter 17: A Media-Savvy Pope 235

Chapter 18: Exploring Sainthood 243

Chapter 19: Concerning the Future of the Papacy 253

Part V: The Part of Tens 269

Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Reasons That Pope John Paul II Was Truly the ""People's Pope"" 271

Chapter 21: Ten Fun Facts about Pope John Paul II 281

Chapter 22: Ten Important Papal Encyclicals of John Paul II 287

Chapter 23: Ten Notable Beatifications and Canonizations of Pope John Paul II 321

Chapter 24: Ten Saintly Characteristics 335

Part VI: Appendixes 339

Appendix A: A Brief Chronology of Pope John Paul II's Life and Times 341

Appendix B: Travel Itinerary for John Paul II's Papacy 347

Appendix C: A Look at the Life of Pope John XXIII 355

Index 359