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Jolt: Shake Up Your Thinking and Upgrade Your Impact for Extraordinary Success

Jolt: Shake Up Your Thinking and Upgrade Your Impact for Extraordinary Success

Richard Tyler

ISBN: 978-0-857-08599-3

Mar 2015, Capstone

192 pages



Jolt! Provides the burst of fresh thinking needed to upgrade yourself from ordinary to extraordinary

Are your habits and limiting beliefs holding you back in your professional and personal life? Are you stuck stagnating in your comfort zone? What you need is a jolt.

Organizations are no longer looking for people who turn up and do a good job; they are looking for the extraordinary. So it’s time to get motivated, be positive and make exceptional things happen. Jolt will help you recognize that in many situations it’s not a lack of skill that’s holding you back but your own limiting beliefs and habitual thinking. Deep within all of us lies an inner spark to be unleashed, if only we can find the way to shape our thinking, carve out the right action, and rock the world.

Jolt will show you how to:

• Shake up your thinking, embrace the new and unleash the extraordinary version of yourself
• Help make a sustainable gear change
• Recognize the habits and limiting beliefs holding you back
• Test out new ways of thinking and doing things

Introduction 1

Part 1 Setting the Scene 13

Who do you see in the mirror? 15

The path to extraordinary … one small step at a time 25

Part 2 The Jolts! 47

1 Choose well 49

2 Dare to begin before you are ready 57

3 Take care of the small stuff 63

4 Change feedback to feedforward 69

5 Dare yourself to fail 75

6 Veer from the routine and get wonky 81

7 Know where you need to get to 89

8 Adopt your authentic posture 95

9 Unleash your real voice 103

10 Become the Chief of Possibility 111

11 Make your audience matter 117

12 Change the language to change the story 125

13 Get yourself all turned on … 131

14 Fly by the seat of your pants 137

15 Live out the Magic ‘If’ … 143

16 Stay plugged in 149

17 Embrace the art of being vulnerable 155

18 Bring out the best version of yourself 161

The final Jolt: Spend your power wisely 167

About Richard Tyler 175

Acknowledgements 177

Index 179

“Jolt dares you to have courage, take risks and push yourself and your business to be extraordinary. It’s a book you will return to again and again” (HR magazine, August 2015)

"Richard Tyler is here to Jolt you our of your complacency, and in doing so, you will likely see your on-the-job performance enhanced" (Entrepreneur Middle East, October 2015)