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Jour fixe um 6

Jour fixe um 6

Christian Zipfel

ISBN: 978-3-527-50357-5

Apr 2008

216 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Many people suffer their bosses' behavior in silence. Only very few staff clearly express their frustration to their superiors. Instead, they moan at the photocopier, cry behind closed office doors or simply quit. And the boss is perplexed, believing he has done everything correctly and has nothing to be ashamed of. But what would happen if someone told the truth?
This is exactly what happens to the manager in Christian Zipfel's book. During a staff meeting he overhears three employees from other departments complaining about their bosses' behavior. And he starts to wonder whether his staff also talk that way about him. He asks one of the employees he overheard, Thomas, to tell him everything that has annoyed him about his managers in the past. Over the next few weeks they meet every Friday at 6 pm in a bistro and the manager has to admit that he has made the same mistakes that Thomas reports. This is the start of a learning curve, leading to increasing success with regard to employee motivation. Until one day Thomas leaves the company...
In this exciting business fable, Christian Zipfel provides 20 lessons for good management, e.g. on delegation, promises, hierarchy, criticism and awareness.
A book for all bosses who think they are doing everything right; and for all employees who know this is not the case!